Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Today was a crappy running day. I was supposed to go yesterday but we had our appointment for the loan closing right smack in the time slot I like to run and since I'd already showered and gotten dressed for the bank - I didn't want to get all sweated up and have to shower again. I was also feeling yucky - headache most of the day and a bit feverish/nauseous in the evening.

So I went today. It's hot again here - and after I'd run for 12 minutes my daughter pulled up in the car to ask me a question. Once I stopped I was hard put to start again so I walked 3 minutes and then ran again. But after a few minutes I was dragging again and walked some more. I finished up about 5 more minutes before I came to my house. Not a good day. But I still made it out there and gave it my best shot. I think whatever was ailing me yesterday must've zapped my energy. And it didn't help that last night I met hubby at the new house and we had a campfire and slept out in the camper. Which translates to I didn't sleep much because the bed is hard...there were mosquitoes circling my head all night and hubby snored (which he normally doesn't do - usually it's me!)

Right now the sweat is dripping off me and I can't decide weather to shower or crash on my bed. Maybe I'll do both.

Today is the first official day of summer here - the longest day of the year (daylight wise...) How sad. From here on in the days get shorter again. And we've only just begun !

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!

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Andrew is getting fit said...

It's pretty much the shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm about to head out for a 5K race and the rain is crashing down! Gonna be fun!