Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay...still not much to say except...

Just finished my run. Forget what I said about it not being humid. It was brutal. And today was the first time since I started that I cut a run sequence short. I was going to run 20 minutes straight. Then I got out there and I was just dragging. My legs felt heavy and I was breathing harder than I have been lately. Not like I did at the beginning 6 weeks ago (my gosh...has it been 6 weeks?!) but still harder than I have in a few days.
I've been running in the mornings lately. This one was at 4:00 PM. I ate my lunch late today (2:45) and gave my sandwich an hour to settle. I did gulp down a big glass of water before I left. Maybe that was a bad idea. Not sure - but it just felt like an off day.

I ran 10 minutes - walked 3 and planned to run another 10 but after 6 I decided to stop. I walked another minute and ran again. I only did 3 more minutes because I arrived at my front door about then. The extra walking messed with my route.

I decided I would rather listen to my body and for what ever reason it was being a slug today - I would go with it and get back on track Wednesday. Do I feel like a failure? No way! I went out there and ran! When I think back to that first week - where the whole sequence was 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes (and how hard the running was) and to now - where 1 minute of running is nothing(!) to me - I realized how far I've come in such a short time.

You runners out there keep assuring me that I can do this and that it will get easier. And from reading your blogs - I see you have off days too. We're all only human, right? So I will forge ahead and try to keep a log of what time of day I run - what I eat before hand - yada, yada to see if I can find my rhythm here.

If any of you out there are sitting on the fence about the Cto5k program (like I was for several months before I decided to give it a go) I am encouraging you to try it. Go at your own pace. I assure you - if you make up your mind to give it a fair chance - you will amaze yourself!

Right now...I need a shower!


Sabine said...

I'm too lazy to go to my closet to check but I'm pretty sure I have the exact shoes in your picture! My physiotherapist has told me NOT to run because of my back but I sure do admire your commitment. I am going to walk on the treadmill now (unless I can talk P into walking around the block with me). Keep up the great work!

Life At 40 said...

That's right, the point is you did get out there and did put forth the effort. Good for you

RunningNan said...

It's good that you listened to your body. If you would've pushed it, then you would've probably been sorry. I started this program by running at night... then I started lunch runs, and now I'm in the mornings. I find mornings much easier now. I thought I would never be a morning runner. Now it's better than coffee!

You can totally do this. You will have bad runs, but it just means the next one will be awesome! You just didn't give up either.. you took a walk break and ran again. That means that you weren't wanting to give up! You are a rockstar!

RunningNan said...

oh, and I love those Asics you have pictured!

Big Girl said...

I'm going to start, I promise. I love reading about your progress, it totally gives me hope.

Good going and yes, it's a good thing to listen to your body.

Manuela said...

Definitely listen to your body--that's what I did last week.

Check today's post for my easy math equation. You might be similar to me. I usually run in the morning but I did an afternoon one yesterday that was fantastic because there was next to no humidity.

Keep at it--I did 40 minutes yesterday with no stops, a personal record :)

Grumpy Chair said...

Down here, there are times were the humidity is so bad, that walking around the block feels like running a marathon. I hate when you can feel the air.

Hope the humidity goes down for you.

Melzie said...

You did good! I'm thinking about starting to really run, instead of the hit & miss jogging/running I'm doing.

Keep it up- don't give up!

MizFit said...


life is a marathon (or maybe it just feels that way some days :)) not a sprint.

good for you,


Pattie said...

When I was working with a trainer on a regular basis, he always said that we all have "wet-cement" days: days when it just feels like we're dragging our body through wet cement. I thought that was a great analogy because it feels so true! Some days are just like that.

But you did great, Lora. I can’t believe how much progress you've made! YOU ROCK!