Saturday, March 22, 2008

THe Gang's All Here!

Last night all the kids came over for dinner (my youngest & her hubby came in from Massachusetts for the holiday weekend) and we colored Easter eggs. It was so good to have to put all the leaves in the table and scrunch everybody around. Hubby out did himself as always and made stuffed pork chops, garlic "smashed" potatoes and corn. The boys are always excited to eat here because they love his cooking!

In all the excitement, I forget to do my "slow" eating. We're not a quiet bunch when we're all together. We love to joke and laugh (after dinner we passed the camera around and took turns making weird faces....we're not entirely normal over here....) and eating is something that just "happens" during dinner for us. if ever there was a scenario that lent itself perfectly to putting the fork down between every bite - last night was it. And I blew it - which means I have a LONG way to go before this becomes second nature to me.

I also have a mini motivator before me that I hope will help spur me on. My niece is getting married this June and I need to drop some of this blubber if I want to wear something presentable. Spring is coming and with the warmer weather I plan on walking more (and my middle daughter is giving us their treadmill.) Actually - it was ours to begin with - but when she got married I told her she could take it with her as she was the only one in the house who used it. Now they've decided to buy a more sturdy model as they run on it and it's bouncing all over the place when her hubby gets on it. He's a lightweight - but runs fast and hard.

I hope to get it over here in the next week.

A little side note (about the Fire Safety Demo we attended the other night). We were offered a free dinner to sit through the spiel. They used pretty good scare tactics and of course we signed up for a home visit the following day to discuss installing their "state of the art" smoke and heat detectors. We wer eboth supposed to be there but I got a call to come in ad sub. The sales man was very miffed that hubby was alone. They don't want you to be able to say "let me talk it over with my better half and get back to you." First red flag. When hubby wouldn't reschedule 0 the guy got belligerent. Hubby said "Show me the stuff now - or leave." The guy was a real jerk. So hubby showed him the door. As the guy was leaving he said snidely over his shoulder, "Did you enjoy your free dinner?" Hubby replied (rubbing his tummy) "Oh yes! Especially the Prime Rib!"

Upon further investigation (which is why these guys DON'T want to give you time to think) is that they're scam artists! A simple system That they boast can be installed in as little as 20 minutes - runs around (are you ready for this?!) $4,000.00! Of course we wouldn't have spent that much - but there are many people who do because of the scare tactics regarding fires that are used. Especially the elderly.

Moral of the story? if you get invited to a free dinner to view a fire safety demo - pass. But if you do go - don't sign the green card before you leave!

Okay...Lora has lots to do to prepare for brunch tomorrow. The gang all converges here again (along with the in-laws) for brunch tomorrow. I'm so excited to have all my cubs in church with me so we can take up our traditional pew that we sat in for years - before all the kids scattered to different towns and churches (!) It used to be three little girls seated with me every Sunday...the youngest with her head on my lap - the middle one playing with the rings on my finger - the oldest thumbing through the Hymnal through out the service.... They got older and learned to sit up straighter and eventually found a niche for Jesus in their own hearts (instead of riding along on the coat tails of their momma's faith.) They got their wings (did you hear that Oprah and Marianne!!) and moved on. but just for tomorrow - I'll have them all back (plus 2 son-in-law and a grandbaby) to surround me in church - in our favorite pew. Life is good! Thank you, Jesus!


CactusFreek said...

Is that your hubby in the pic?

Lora said...

That would be him! The other two are my youngest daughter and her husband.

*ccc* said...

Aww, looks like a fun time with the family...

And the wedding DOES sound like a great motivator...I'm sure you'll do more than find something'll find something and look FABULOUS!