Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Bella!

We have been dog-sitting all weekend. My little sis and her family had to go out of town so we offered to have Bella come stay with us. She's a Golden Doodle (cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.) She 's a sweet thing and very well behaved. Hasn't left my side all weekend. Almost makes me want to get a dog. Almost.

This week has been busy - I've subbed most days so breakfasts and lunches have been good. Healthy snacking in between. Dinners have been late and sporadic. Hubby's been in a casserole mood (he cooks - it's his passion) and I always succumb to his meals.

The other night I met four of my old high school friends for dinner. It was fun! And the food wasn't the focal point of the evening as it usually is for me. Probably because there was so much catching up to do - and reminiscing (we've all known each other since we were 13!) I had made up my mind before I went that I'd choose something from the Weight Watcher column so I didn't even look at the other stuff. One of the girls ordered a dessert for us to split and I had a few bites but honestly more from peer pressure than anything else. I never order desserts when I'm out. I can take them or leave them and I truly didn't care if I had those 3 bites or not. I won't say it wasn't good - but carbs & fried foods are more my down fall than anything else.

Anyway -my one friend gave me the WW Core Plan and I am going to try it. It seems to make the most sense to me because it focuses more on learning your hunger cues (eat when hungry - stop when full) Duh! Now why didn't I think of that? And there isn't a lot of counting points and tracking. Only the extra points you eat each day - which seems very do-able. I've already half started except for the hubby/dinner thing. Last night it was homemade macaroni and cheese with ham and lots of other good stuff mixed in. ARGHH! And he always makes enough for an army so we have left overs that call my name all week.

After church I'm taking Bella for a nice long walk. Maybe I should get a dog.


Heather said...

good for you for resisting more than a few bites! I know how hard that is when everyone is eating and expects you to as well.

I think the core plan is very similar to what I processed foods and eating from certain food groups. if it is, then I know it has really worked for me and I love not having to count anything and that I can eat when Im hungry,etc.

Pattie said...

Bella is darling! She looks like a sweet and gentle spirit. Our dog Jenna is a black lab mixed with, we think, great dane. She's over 100 pounds and has the longest legs! But she's a sweetie, too. Too bad we couldn’t introduce them to each other... I bet they'd be good buddies!

I think you'll like the Core plan, Lora. It certainly focuses our eating on healthy, non-processed foods - which we all need more of. And I like that we're got a little wiggle room with those extra points each week, for the occasional (or in my case, NIGHTLY!) splurge.

Let us know what you think.

PS - My hubby is also a pessimist! I wonder if it’s a case, for both you and I, of opposites attract? :-)

Kathy said...

I love that dog! We used to have a Golden Retriever-Basset mix and he was so wonderful!
Hope you like Core...I fell right into it and love it after two years of doing Flex. Good luck.

Hanlie said...

She looks sweet!

A lot of people do very well on the Core program, so maybe this is for you!

Scale Junkie said...

Bella is bella! What a sweet face! I think you should get a dog, they are great company and great exercise partners!

Good luck with WW core. I think you'll do great with it, getting rid of the processed foods is a great idea.

If you like the principles of listening to your hunger, you might want to check out a book called Intuitive Eating, its quite helpful.

CactusFreek said...

Bella is VERY cute! :o)