Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm still here....sniffle sniffle!

Sorry I've been AWOL - I'm still feeling pretty crappy. Yet still dragging myself in to sub each day. Ironic...the sick sub is filling in so the sick teacher can go home and rest. What one will do to pay the bills. Anyway - I've been coming home each night and dragging myself to the couch where I've hidden under my favorite green fleece blanket until the hubby comes home.

Not much of an appetite lately....which is good. Why bother eating if you can't taste it, right?

It seemed like Spring was finally making an appearance here with mild days of no coats and disappearing snow until I woke up this morning and everything was white again! The fluffy snow fairy must've come during the night and did her thing. I must say - in spite of the fact I hate winter - it was beautiful. That puffy kind of snow that clings to every tree branch and looks like a Hallmark Christmas Card..... Still. It can leave anytime now. I'm done with winter. (have been since December but it it hasn't made a difference....

I'm anxious to get walking again...yearning for fresh air and sunshine after all these months cooped up in the house! Which means that some of my friends on the other side of the world will be saying good bye to summer soon. Sorry guys. It's our turn now! And for those of you who are blessed with summer year round... *sigh*

I missed the second installment of "I Can Make You Thin" (did I say that in an earlier post?) Anyway - if anyone saw it - was it any good? Any worthy "Aha" moments I should know about? I'm still working on the slow eating trick...I admit...sometimes I forget, but when I think about it - it truly does make a difference.

Right now I'm sniffling all over the keyboard need to load up with some antihistamines. Can't take them during the school day or I'd fall asleep at my desk. Hopefully this weekend will give me the time to recuperate and get back on track. One last word on the elusive job....the woman I interviewed with is out of town. Still. Was supposed to be back last Tuesday and now it's pushed till next Monday. She promised she'd call either way and not leave me hanging. Well...I've been hanging for several weeks now! And it's not fun!


Yogi Wannabe said...

Good news! I can make you thin 2nd week is on tonight in repeats. Maybe you can catch it!

CactusFreek said...

Eeeww it's a cootie post!
Poor thing :o/
It's funny how a "blanky" becomes such a great comfort even after childhood! Look after yourself! :o)

CactusFreek said...

And i forgot to mention the appitite thing. It's funny how when we are sick, our bodies tell us that we don't need that many calories to function, because it is stationary, so we don't feel hunger so easily. We are clever in more ways than we realise! lol

Erin said...

Oh Lora I hope you feel better. I'm dealing with the same yucky head cold it sounds like.


Scale Junkie said...

I hope you're feeling better today!