Monday, March 24, 2008

Did anyone see the second segment of "I Can Make You Thin" last night? Being it was Easter and all...I would've felt funny asking my sister to turn on the TV so I could watch the show. I have some dignity! Anyway - just wondering what I missed.

I have been perusing the website for the show and stumbled upon another revelation that clicked on yet another light bulb in this feeble mind of mine. Foregoing the whole diet mentality thing - and not having forbidden foods (you know...the golden rule that says "Eat what you want") I realized that many times I will postpone my weight loss/diet efforts because there is "good" (read here - forbidden) food in the house. I always figure I must polish it all off before I commence my diet. But if as Paul McKenna says - I can eat what I want (only if I'm hungry and then I must consciously enjoy every bite and stop when I'm full) then I don't' have to worry about the cream puffs in the fridge (remember last Easter's post holiday bloggings?) Mum-in-law brought the dreaded delicacies again in large quantities! And I also don't'have to worry about all the candy she brought for grandson who lives here. (TWO baskets! Not one- but TWO!) And the one we gave him too of course....!

But if - and I say that cautiously - I follow the 4 rules - I CAN have some treats - for as long as they last! (which I'm estimating to be a very long time considering the amount and the slowness of which I must consume them )! Of course also remembering that the treats really belong to grand baby and not me!

I don't know if this is all making sense to you guys...but it is starting to turn some light bulbs on for me.

I really wish I'd seen part two last night. If anyone did - can you give me a re-cap?

I've also ventured on a little motivating competition with some of the women-folk in my clan regarding the up coming wedding this June. We're all vowing to lose 20 pounds by then. They say there's strength in numbers. We shall see!

Hope you all had a blessed holiday. I've attached some pics of the highlights at our own celebration. (We have a tradition my Grandpa brought over from England when he moved here - you will see it some of the pics). We "crack" eggs. Each person gets an egg - one is the cracker - the other is the crackee. Whom ever eggs breaks - loses it to the one who cracked them. It's an odd thing - but we have a grand time doing it!

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Scale Junkie said...

Your odd tradition of trying to crack each others eggs...we did this when I was a child and we called it "Easter egg pecking contest" You know my brother would slip his thumb under my egg "by accident" and break mine every time. I should have known he'd grow up to be a jerk!

I'm so glad you had a nice Easter celebration, thank you so much for sharing your day with me!