Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to My Home Base.....

Yesterday I visited Felicia's blog and she had a neat idea. She posted a pic of where she blogs. It was kind of cool to be "invited" into someone's blogging home and get a glimpse of where the creative juices flow.

So I've posted a pic of where I "do my thing". Not real impressive - but it works for me. Anyone else want join in?

Next, thank you to Yogi Wannabe for tipping me off that "I Can Make You Thin" was on again last night in a repeat episode of Sunday's show. I've since learned you can go to
the website too and check for repeat times.

I was still pretty sick last night and dead tired as I'd been up since 5:00 AM so I watched it with my eyes half open in bed. I drifted off during some parts but I caught enough to get the general gist. It was about conquering emotional eating by doing this weird tapping thing. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. For lack of nothing to lose - I'm going to try ot. I think the concept really involves just distracting yourself even though the guy claims your tapping acupressure points and "adjusting" your brain....

I've also brought out my little plate again and promised myself to use it ALL week - along with my slow eating. I still can't taste much so it won't be all that hard right now.

The women in my family have also started a weight loss competition for the upcoming wedding this June. The accountability factor is primo here and there is a lot of momentum going. We're using our dry humor and self-styled wit to make this fly - threatening to make the loser wear a pig nose to the reception. Of course we won't really do that - but I DO have a pig nose laying around here someplace. It'll make an appearance at the wedding for sure. (Along with the hillbilly teeth that always show up too. (Did I mention our family was weird?)

Anyone else have a take on the "tapping" thing? Just curious!

And I'll be watching for your pics of your home base!


Felicia said...

YIPPIE Thanks for joining in the photo fun challenge. I love seeing where you "do your thing" lol.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!!

The family weight loss challenge sounds like a ton of fun!! Best wishes to you all in that.

Hope you are having a SUPER weekend!!


Scale Junkie said...

Love the photo!!

Sorry you aren't feeling well, hope you feel better soon.

I love the idea of a family weight loss challenge...but Ken doesn't need to lose weight and I'd hate to lose to my sister LOL, so I'll watch your families progress!

*ccc* said...

Oh I LOVE that your family is trying to do something like this together...that's awesome and support is so crucial!

Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy said...

My "home base" for blogging is so pathetic but cozy that I dare not picture it. I have a nice cozy chair good for reading and knitting situated next to a big window overlooking the deck and a little flower garden where I have a bird feeder. I have a school desk that I got from a yard sale last summer that I pull up in front of the chair and set my laptop on top...perfect. The desk has a nice space under the top where I keep index cards, pencils, and such.

Hanlie said...

I'll do a pic soon! It's nowhere near as organized as yours!

The tapping thing is called EFT and it's based on the mind/body connections. Our emotions are stored as memories in our tissues (this has been confirmed by scientists, most notably Dr. Candice Pert, who discovered the neuro-peptides that that makes this possible) and if negative, can cause blockages in our energy systems. By performing a tapping sequence along the energy pathways, we release the stored "memory" and are free of the negative behaviour associated with it. It's been used in all areas of life, and they have had huge success with war vets suffering from PTSD. Because our eating habits are so emotionally charged, EFT is an excellent way of healing the reasons we overeat. See if you can find a book in the library that will tell you more and give you precise instructions so that you will get the maximum benefit from it.

Good luck with your family challenge!

Ready Maid said...

Nice space!

Little plates and slow eating are good habits. The tapping thing may be nothing more than forcing yourself to "count to ten," and give your higher self a chance to weigh in on the choice you're about to make. Whatever the real reason, it probably works if you want it to.

But okay, now I feel like a dunce, because I just read Hanlie's comment. Go with her.

Erin said...

I will get to it this week...Along with 1000 other things LOL.

P.S. Cammy over at is having a question/answer session open to anyone. Head on over to her blog and ask a question. Then I will have a q/a and I will pass it along!

Pattie said...

Sorry to read that you're still sick. Feel better soon!

That's cool that your family is joining in on the weight loss thing. A little friendly competition never hurts. I'm rooting for you to win, though!

Grumpy Chair said...

Nice office armoire. Such a neat idea Felicia had.

Hope you are feeling better.