Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Signs of Spring....

Yeah! Today I pulled my brown pants out of the closet and I zipped them up without having to lay on my back on my bed and hold my breath! In fact, the zipper went up quite smoothly. Just like the buds on the trees are a sign that spring is really coming (in spite of the fact that it's going down to the 20's this weekend) so this also is a sign that I'm losing weight! When I walked out to my car this morning at 6 AM the birds were chirping....singing "Lora's lost weight....Lora's lost weight!" Well... maybe they weren't celebrating my weight loss, but they were celebrating the dawn of a new day. And so shall I!
Three more pounds and I'll have reached my first 10 pound increment. Four more "increments" to go! I think the first thing you notice when you actually begin losing fat and not just water is the bloating goes away. I'm seeing faint little hollows in my cheeks now. I can't wait for the day the double chin finally makes its exit!
While that little black dress waits patiently for me, I have some jeans that haven't seen the light of day in several years. They will cooperate when I reach the next 10 pound increment. So there is my next goal. (I have so many!) Smaller plates, more fruit, eating in the teacher's lounge, gum after meals..... I can do this!

The peepers were out last night in the pond across the street. They reminded me of my earlier frog analogy. They were cheering me on! Oh how I love spring!

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Anonymous said...

I love how you put your goals into increments...that makes it seem more attainable.

Congrats on your progress!