Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Morning After....

Wow, am I tired! That's always the sign of a good pajama party! The guests started arriving at 6:30 last night and just kept on coming! My neighbors must have wondered what the heck was going on! Here came all these women with pillows and sleeping bags and loads of food. Oh the food! You name it and we had it! Thing is - we did so much yakking that we didn't put as big of a dent in the food as we could have. The estrogen level in my house last night was definitely at an all time high (and I raised three daughters!)

We played some silly games and told jokes and swapped husband stories until about midnight. Then we watched the video of my daughters' wedding. (yeah...the apostrophe is in the right place.) Both of my girls got married on the same day last summer - as in a double wedding (!) Watching the video of it last night was so much fun - reliving that wonderfully perfect day all over again with all my aunts and cousins and sisters and nieces and daughters by my side was the best. We all cried all over again!
Around 3 am some of the women started wandering off to look for places to bed down. I found my sister-in-law in my bed, so I crawled in next to her and we whispered in the dark for another half hour or so. I'm not sure when the conversation ended....we both just kind of drifted off.
We all woke up pretty early this morning. And again - the food started rolling out. Muffins and bagels, and donuts and fruit. Not much got eaten again. But the coffee pot was refilled several times. So much fun! We've decided to make this a yearly event!
And now I must contend with all these left overs as I try to get back on track again with my weight loss efforts. I sent as much food home as I could with everyone but there's still so much here! (at least there are no cream puffs...)
Anyway - the summer like weather is finally here and as I begin to peel off the layers of clothing that have been hiding my body all winter - I feel motivated to keep on plugging away. Shorts and swimsuit season is just around the corner! There will always be these little detours as I find my way back to my smaller self. I'm just hanging on to the road map and moving forward. You know, not hanging out too long at the rest stops. I'll get there - but I plan on enjoying the trip while I do!

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