Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Dreaded Bloat!

Oh, how I absolutely detest the time of the month when my body blows up like a Puffer Fish! I can be feeling svelte and confident one day with a tummy that is rather flat (for me anyway) and all of a sudden - whammo! My gut starts expanding like a mound of rising bread dough, my rolls rearrange themselves to settle just under my boobs when I sit and I feel just plain FAT!

Why us women?? Men don't bloat. They don't get cramps. They don't give birth. And they don't particularly care if they have a gut. It's not fair! When I got dressed this morning I zipped up my navy slacks and admired myself from the side in my full-length mirror. "You go girl" I commented to anyone who might be listening at 5:30 am. I felt goooood! And then around 1:00 this afternoon I was sitting at my computer and I noticed a roll that had crept up to just below my breastbone. Now where the heck did YOU come from? I asked the roll. It didn't answer. I reached down and felt another that was resting just above my pubic bone. Crap! Bloat had arrived unannounced (as it always does) and the rest of my day has been all downhill. I pulled my sweater across my ever expanding belly as I walked out if school. I was fairly sure everyone was looking at me and thinking how horribly fat and disgusting I was. All the way home in the car I kept grabbing my belly to see if it was still there. It was. And it is.
Now I a day or two it will subside and I'll feel good again. I know it's just water retention and the price I pay for being a woman. But right now - it truly does suck! And you know how I deal with sucky situations? I make a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and the evening declines from there.
Now I know why they call it yo-yo dieting. I feel like I'm on the end of a friggin' string these days. Up. Down. Up. Down. When am I going to get past this rut?
Right now I'm going go visit some of my favorite blogs. Partly for inspiration but partly to commiserate too. We all have these days. We all get past them. Would this be considered a binge if I made a third grilled cheese sandwich? Just kidding (!) I feel like it - but I won't.

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