Monday, April 30, 2007

15 Minute Challenge!

I can think of a million reasons why I can't (won't) exercise and one big fat one why I should! When it comes to excuses I've used 'em all. Too tired...too stressed....too busy....too sore.... How about TOO FAT! As in - get your duff in gear, Lora and stop making excuses!

Today when I got home from school, my daughter said, "Mom - let's go for a walk!" Now this is why I should have said okay. It was almost 70 degrees - after a long winter and a constipated spring (as in it just wouldn't get here) - a nice day like that is most welcome. Also, I was a bit stressed from school (I think I mentioned my 9th period Studio Art maniacs) and I haven't walked in a while and I need to lose this "winter hail" on my thighs ( as a fellow blogger informed me it's called!) But what did I say? Noooooope. Now we all know that walking would've brightened my mood - got rid of the stress! It also would've pepped me up. Not too mention my thighs would've said thank you, thank you, thank you!

But I'm all talk and no walk - that's what I am! I go to bed each night thinking about all the positive moves I'm going to make in the morning. And then something happens that screws it all up. I wake up. I think (I know) I need to carve out a certain time - every day - that is just for movin' and groovin'. Because this other thing - spontaneous exercise - just isn't happening!

So perhaps a realistic, maintainable goal would be in order. 15 minutes to start. If I go longer - hey - good for me! I used to subscribe to this website called Fly Lady that was all about getting your house in order - decluttering and all that happy stuff that's the rave now if you watch HGTV . She had some good stuff on there. But her main gist was this - break your goals into little, manageable chunks. Set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes and start your job. You might find that once you start, you want to keep going! And if you don't - it doesn't matter. You still accomplished your goal and that's ll that counts.

So I'm going to say, that every evening - about 7:00 ish (that's the time I usually look for the remote and plop my behind down on the couch) I'm going to either lift my weights, go for a walk, ride my bike or dance in place in front of the TV. I can do 15 minutes. Heck, anybody can do 15 minutes of something that requires energy.
Is anyone up for the challenge? Accountability is what it's all about, baby!

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