Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On Sleep and Weight Loss...

Now that I'm back on track - you know, into the school day routine again - I'm already down 2 pounds. I know the things I mentioned yesterday have much to do with it, but I'm also pretty sure that getting 8 hours of sleep each night plays a big role. Not just because if I'm sleeping I can't eat (!) but studies have shown that there is a definite link between sleep and weightloss .

I certainly notice a difference. And the added bonus is that I actually look better too! The dark circles under my eyes are diminishing, my complexion seems brighter (not as washed out) and I plain just feel better! I had noticed all those things before, but when spring break rolled around and I was back to my usual old, bad habits - staying up late for one - I started feeling and looking haggard again. I didn't realize that getting less zzz's actually makes you crave carbs more! Makes sense.... As soon as I got back to my 8 hours of shut-eye, I started feeling good again!

So, if there's any one habit that I am going to make stick - it's the 8 hours of shut-eye rule. Of course there's lots more that I'm working on, but this one has given me reliable, quick results.

Another perk...when you retire early, you tend to wake early (even when Mr. Alarm Clock isn't poised ready to rouse you out of a good dream!) Lots of wonderful stuff happens in the early hours. This morning as I was making my commute to work I saw the most fantastic sunrise! As I approached the city, the skyline just above the building tops was awash in pinks and oranges. It was breathtaking! And did I mention those birds? Nothing is sweeter to the ear than the sound of the birds celebrating another day!
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

Maybe Ben Franklin was on to something!

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