Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cookie Monster

Yesterday I ate 5 chocolate chip cookies while I was driving home from work. I had left them in my car from the night before. I had brought them to a meeting I went to and took the left overs home. (Stupid move...)
Why do I do this!?? Yesterday I had another loss on the scale and what do I do? Get all over-confident and eat 5 friggin' cookies! I know...5 cookies wouldn't set the richter scale off on binge eating - but still....I was on a roll! Another of my "mini binges" I guess.

But seriously - why is it that when we actually lose weight - we think we somehow have earned the right to eat more? I have done this my whole life! I'll see a loss and somehow my brain translates that into..."good job, Lora - now go fix yourself a little something in the kitchen...."
Well - the cookies are gone (I hid the empty container in the trash when I got home) another of my silly rituals....if hubby doesn't see the evidence then I guess I really didn't eat it. Now how does THAT make sense? The evidence is always right there on my hips! That's why I've always found it amusing when overweight people will say "I don't know why I'm not losing weight - I hardly eat a thing!" Right. Me too.
Anyway - the cookies are history and the only difference between this time and all of the others is this - I'm pressing forward. I'm not letting a little slip cost me that black dress!

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