Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pajama Party!

Tonight, I'm hosting a Pajama Party! I mean, do we, as women, ever outgrow them? This will be the third I've attended - as an adult!

Many years ago, my sister hosted one when one of my Mom's cousins was visiting from Michigan. We got all the "ladies" together and stayed up all night talking and laughing! It was so much fun! We vowed to do it again soon. We never did.

Then there was the one I organized at our church. It was a small congregation and most of the young moms all knew each other very well. One day I jokingly suggested a Pajama Party at the church and the next thing I knew, we had the Fellowship Hall reserved! We all needed a night away from our little ones (and hubbies -no offense) and we had the time of our lives. I think there were over 20 of us there that night.

And then the years moved on, the kids grew up and no one ever talked about PJ Parties anymore. We hosted them for our kids instead. So about 2 months ago I sent out an e-mail to 19 women (aunts, cousins, sisters, daughters....) and 16 said they'd come! So tonight, I'm sending hubby over to my brothers for the night. And at 7 PM ladies of all ages will begin converging on my house - sleeping bags and pillows in tow - to spend the night here and stay up until the wee hours talking and laughing and eating (yes - it's a law at Pajama Parties that you eat!) and just having the time of our lives. The youngest in attendance will be 21. The oldest - 72. And I can't wait!
I know that according to the WW philosophy (I'm a 3 time alumnus) that I should prepare some healthy alternatives for myself and eat a little something light before my guests arrive so I'm not famished. Maybe I'll do that. But probably not. Because when my sister-in-law brings out her M&M-Hershey Kiss-Pretzels, I'm not passing them up for an apple slice. Sorry. Grown-Up Pajama Parties don't happen very often. I'm eating the pizza and the donuts in the morning too. I'll get back on track after that. I promise!


Anonymous said...

Ok then, while youre at it, eat a slice for me :)~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love finding new ones to read, too. And I can identify with the "Less of Me..." concept....trying to do the same thing! Will be checking in on you regularly! Have a great day!