Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Week....

A new day has dawned and I think I'm back on track. Yesterday was the last day of Spring break (felt more like WINTER break) and here I am at work - with a healthy lunch in tow and no fridge to raid when the whim hits.

The Pig Roast we attended yesterday had LOTS of good eats, but I did behave myself fairly well. (I don't eat as much when I'm in a crowd.) I always feel like people will judge me if my plate's too full. And besides - seeing that pig with his eyes bulging out of his head and his mouth hanging open with a big string of slime hanging out of it didn't really get my juices flowing.

It's interesting, because I always absolutely LOVE shows about Homesteaders and the way things were way back when... I've watched the PBS Frontier House Series 3 times. Twice on the TV and just borrowed it recently from the library. It's a reality based documentary where they take 3 different families and put them in Montana for 5 months to homestead. Everything is detailed to exactly the way it was in 1863 and I find it so fascinating! Part of me longs to live back - though I know I've hopelessly romanticized the whole era and I probably wouldn't make it through the second week. (Especially the outhouse aspect - they didn't have Charmin back then!) So I figured when I saw a real pig roasting it would affect me differently. It was kind of gross. Not at all exciting or frontierish as I'd imagined. But I will say that it didn't stop me from eating it!

Okay....that was a little bit of a long-winded sidetrack. Point is, I went to bed early (9:30) and when I got up at 5 am - I craved something healthy instead of the sweet junk I usually want when I get up later so I had an enlish muffin and a cup of Joe . I packed a healthy lunch that I have no choice but to eat when noon comes. My 40 minute commute home seems to still the ravenous munchies that always hit in the late afternoon. So like I said - I think I'm back on track. (I'm up 3 pounds) and if I don't get 'em back off in the next week I'll *sigh* update my weight tracker.

Anyway, for now I'm sitting here humming "Back in the Saddle again..." and feeling confident!

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