Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Bunny Doesn't Stop Here Anymore...

So I'm walking down the Seasonal Aisle at our local Walmart yesterday and there is candy everywhere! And I'm trying to pick out things to fill Easter Baskets. It's daunting! Nothing like the fodder we got in ours when we were kids. The standard fare back them was your traditional chocolate bunny, jelly beans. malted eggs, peeps (they've been around forever!), and a few assorted solid chocolate items. Most bought at a candy store (back then we didn't have these super stores for one-stop shopping.) Even the grocery stored carried very little in the way of Easter confections.

Fast forward several decades and now in one aisle of your local super-store you can find just about anything that tickles your fancy. Not just jelly beans - but gourmet jelly beans! Not just dark light or white chocolate - but orange, yellow, green, pink... And the peeps! Anything you can imagine, they have created! And then there's all the new fangled stuff - snickers eggs, butterfinger chicks, peanut butter bunnies.... SO I'm perusing the aisle (fighting my way through all the other last minute procrastinators) and I ended up with nothing. That's right. Nada. Zip. I decided that filling up baskets for my grown daughters and their hubbies - this is the first year they're all married and not living home for the traditional basket hunt (yes, I made them find their baskets up until last year!) wasn't necessary. I made an executive decision. No baskets anymore. I mean, here I am fighting my weight and then I'm going to give them a big basket full of junk that will ultimately put them in the same boat I am someday? And they've been telling me anyway for the past few years - pl-eease mom! We don't need candy!

So I'm going to visit a candy shop today. If I can find one! And I'm going to buy then each a single chocolate bunny - made out of the decadent stuff. Like Godiva, or Dove. And that's it. Then I'm going to tell them how much I love them and how wonderful it is that we fill up a whole pew at church happy I am that they are back in proud they make me!

And you know what? I think that will suit them all just fine!

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MissXXL said...

MMMM PEEPS!! But I am sucker for the Reeses LOL :)