Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Moring!

Today is a good day! The bloating has subsided and I'm down another pound (almost bringing me up to date with my weight tracker stats - one more pound and I'll actually BE 176 again...)

Anyway - back to the good day thing.... I woke up at 5 (actually 4:30) but I layed in bed and waited for the alarm - I have these wonderful night sweats that sometimes wake me from a sound sleep and leave me lying in a pool of dampness. Such was this morning. But when I finally did roll out if the sack, the window in my dressing room was open and the birds were creating a symphony like you wouldn't believe! I thought of how many people sleep late and never get to witness this spectacular act of love that God has prepared for us to start each new day.

So I hopped on the scale and saw the one pound loss (yippee - baby steps and all that!) After my shower, I put on a pair of gray slacks and a black clingy shirt (I felt daring) and I actually liked what I saw! You know how you can have these "thin" days where maybe you aren't exactly thin (or even close) but you feel thin because you aren't retaining water and the clothes you have on fall just the right way? That's how this morning was! And I even had a good hair day!
So it's 8:23 and my first period class just left (Studio Art) and they are the perfect kids to start your day with. So quiet, so respectful, so...half asleep! Whatever - I love them! We won't discuss 9th period - polar opposites!

So - I'm having a great day! Which brings me to the point of all this. On my way to work the DJ's on my favorite radio station were talking about this philosophy called "love actions" which they swore would help improve your marriage! The basic premise was to go one whole week without saying anything negative to you spouse. Anything! Like don't bemoan the weather, complain in traffic, get on his case about things, yada...yada... And I thought- that would be a good thing to try with everybody! So I'm going to do that this week. Be Miss Polly Positive. I tend to be a complainer sometimes.... I guess I was just feeling so positive this morning that I felt up to the challenge. I'll let you know how it goes!
Anyway - good morning to all!

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