Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Vacation Is Over!

Well today is Saturday and I've officially been on "Vacation" from school for 9 days. And I'm embarrassed to say - from my so-called - what I wasn't going to call - diet. My eating habits have absolutely plummeted these past 9 days and I know exactly the trap I've fallen into. I knew it when I posted about about my apprehension regarding this Spring Break. After my first slip (Oh, how I curse those Cream Puffs!) that I would have the mindset I always do - I'll start tomorrow.... But in this case it turned into - I'll start after vacation....

I haven't even gotten on the scale. I don't want to know! I just kept telling myself that once school starts again, I'll be back within the confines of "forced" good eating - as in I'll be bringing my lunches (pre-made while my resolve is still good), I won't have access to snacks (or the time to eat them - my free periods are in the early morning) and I'll be going to bed around 9:30 again (to get the rest I need before the alarm goes off at am) which will curtail that late night noshing I've grown accustomed to again so quickly.

And so, what - I've wasted 10 days (counting tomorrow - we're going to a Pig-Roast to welcome a relative home from the Military) and I know the "I'll start tomorrow" syndrome will rear its ugly head.... But I WILL get back on the wagon (so to speak) on Monday. I can't keep letting this happen! Because it's always something! Don't we always come up with some lame excuse to "Start Tomorrow"?

So I surfed for inspiration yesterday and came across a really neat blog. The Elff Diet . This woman lost 60 pounds by making positive changes - one at a time - until they became ingrained into her lifestyle. She doesn't count calories, she isn't on a diet, she is just eating less and moving more and getting results. So....I know I've blown it this past week, but I'm convinced that it's not our failures that determine who we are and if we'll succeed - but the number of times we get back up and forge ahead. I refuse to fail this time! I've seen too many before and after photos of women just like me - some with way more weight to lose - that did it! And I thank them all. For posting their stories....for sharing the intimate details of their ups and downs....for giving me the strength I need to press on.

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