Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sorrow in Virginia....

Okay....I can't obsess about my weight or anything else so trivial today, after the Virginia Tech incident yesterday. One of my good friends has a son who goes there. She was in a meeting when a colleague charged in and asked, "Cathy - where does Christopher go to school again?" And when Cathy answered she knew by the look on her colleague's face that something was very wrong.

Thankfully, Christopher is okay. He did hear the gun shots but by the grace of God was not harmed. Cathy, as well as the rest of us are rethinking our priorities. Life is so uncertain. One day we are waking up wondering what to wear, what to have for breakfast...and the next we or someone we love could be gone. God has had our days numbered since before we were born and while I am not afraid to die (for myself) I am afraid to leave behind those that need me (aka my kids...my grandson...my hubby...) Ah yes - life would go on just fine without Lora - but it's a sobering thought.

For many families right now there is unspeakable sorrow and heartache. There are families that will never, ever be the same again. My heart goes out to them and they will remain in my thoughts and prayers for a long while to come. Today I am not obsessing over what I ate or will eat. I don't care that I lost a pound. What really matters is that I awoke this morning to a new day. A precious gift. I shall call my daughters and remind them how much they are loved. I will hug my precious grandson a little tighter tonight. I will sleep tonight with my body nestled close to my husband instead of on "my own side of the bed".

I know...things will get back to normal soon. Life will go on and the tragedy that has occurred will dim in our minds as it's replaced by the cares of the world. But for some 30+ families - that will not be a luxury.

May God wrap his loving arms around them as they walk this new road.

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