Friday, April 27, 2007

Pot luck and Pot Bellies....

Okay I've failed miserably at the no-complaining campaign...and I ate over at the Ronald's place this week (you know Mickey-D's) and I just came from funeral gathering (we call it a "wake" in these parts...where you gather after the service for a meal) but I guess in other spots the "wake" is the viewing. Whatever. I just came home and I'm sad to say I filled myself up real good with all the food there. I'm a sucker for casseroles. Although I will say there were homemade chocolate chips cookies and I didn't eat a single one! (okay - so I didn't get up there before there were just crumbs left....)

Anyway - now I feel bloated again. And it was just starting to subside in a big way! The deceased was my sister's father-in-law so it wasn't real sad for me in the fact that I was close to him - but I did feel the pain of the children and grandchildren left behind. I lost my parents within a month of one another so I'm really aware of the pain when a parent dies. I cried. And I ate. The two often go hand in hand with me. Blessed are those who mourn and can't eat - I know....that sounds really bad! ( But I wish I was one of those who stopped eating when I got sad.) Not me. Pass me the Kleenex and the chips please.

It's not that I'm sad all the time and that's why I'm overweight. I eat when I'm happy too. And when I'm mad...or stressed. I guess it would be safe to say I eat all the time. So my hubby's cousin gave us this picture the took of us at the Pig Roast a few weeks ago. Yikes! They should've put me on the spit! So I'm putting that pic on the fridge - brave soul that I am in hopes it will deter me.

As soon as the rain lets up I'm going to go for a walk too. I may burn off at least a few bites of that chicken casserole I devoured....

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