Monday, April 9, 2007

The War of the Puffs....

Oh my gosh! I am being held hostage by a multitude of cream puffs and canoles! As expected, my mother-in-law brought WAY too many of the deadly critters to add to our already plentiful brunch and there are tons of left overs. They beckon me every time I walk past the kitchen. And if I happen to be near the fridge they all but reach out and grab me!
I was fairly good yesterday. We had 20 people here after church and I made asparagus strata and oven-baked french toast with praline topping. My sister brought lemon-poppy seed muffins and mum-in-law came loaded with her artillery. She's a dear, sweet woman but when it comes to sweets - she lavishes it upon us with no remorse.

Seriously! When we go there for holiday dinners she hauls out not one - not two - but usually three and sometimes four items for dessert!! Caramel topped cheesecakes, black forest cherry cakes, bakery scones and cookies, incredible pies! And of course, she is hurt if you don't taste a bit of each!

So on holidays, all bets are off when she's around. So this year I told her we didn't need the pastries. But she insisted. So I told her "not quite so much this year, mom..." And of course, my words fell upon deaf ears. Because mum-in-law equates love with food and she sure does love us!

So I have about 2 dozen of them hanging out now. This is going to be a brutal war. Me against the puffs. So far it's puffs 5 - Lora 0.

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