Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Tale of Two Sisters....

I saw my sister over the weekend. We only get together every month or so these days. Used to be almost everyday when we were raising our kids and stay-at-home moms! She's skinnier. I'm jealous! But inspired.

We have always had the same track pattern when it comes to weight. We were both thin in high school. We started packing on the pounds together as we had our children. We would commiserate together over coffee and Twinkies. And we would yo-yo diet. But basically we both always fought the same 40-50 pounds.

Then 10 years ago our parents died in the same month and she went through a deep depression. She got super skinny. Some (most) people stop eating when they're depressed. Not me. I eat my way through sadness. So while she was losing - I was gaining. Which totally upset our track record! She eventually came out of the depression and gained the weight back. We were back running the same race again and in a perverse way (I'm embarrassed to say) I was thankful. When she was in her skinny years I always felt painfully aware of my excess weight. I felt like a failure. When she was heavy again - we were on the same playing field. I know that sounds totally childish - but I'm being painfully honest here!

Anyway - she started WW on-line a while back and I didn't pay much attention. (How can you lose weight that way?) But then I saw her this weekend - and I guess you can! She looks great.

So - even though I'm green with envy - I am inspired. And the heat is on now!

Sometimes that's the only impetus we need. Seeing someone else who's done it. That's why I love the blog-world. I can visit sites and see people struggling just like me - and winning the war. I especially like the sites with pics! A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Which reminds me - my March photo is overdue. I'll take another and post it tomorrow.

Watch out sis - here I come!

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