Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Staff Lounge Once Again.....

A while back I posted about the eating habits in the Staff Lounge. And yes, I have been eating in there! It forces me to pack a healthy lunch instead of buzzing to Mickey D's or stuffing my face at my desk where no one can see. And yesterday I was once again befuddled at the incongruity of the eating habits of me fellow colleagues.

Here is what the woman next to me was eating (this is not a lie!) A baggie full of raw green beans, another baggie full of sliced raw peppers and carrots and a small non-fat yogurt. She is the most over-weight one of us all and to my knowledge she is NOT dieting! Across from her sits the skinniest, miniest of us all. (So thin that her eyes are sunken in and she looks like she's half dead.) Her lunch? A super large container of something saucy & noodley that had to be last night's left overs, a slice of white bread, a large regular yogurt and a cookie bar (not the diet kind.) What gives?? And the next skinniest one ordered the school lunch and gave herself a double serving of popcorn chicken nuggets and macaroni salad. It's a paradox! Like I'm thinking maybe the calories transfer themselves across the table and Miss Heavyweight inhales what Miss Skin & Bones is eating and vice-versa. It just doesn't make sense!

As for me - I'm not really succumbing to the designer lunch theory. I don't care if anyone judges what I eat because #1 - I'm eating reasonable amounts, #2 - I won't eat crap I don't like just to look good, and #3 - no one's looking at what I eat anyway! (My lunches are too normal !)

Oh well - just my 2 cents for the day.

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