Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Market Day....

I just got back from a trip to my local Wegman's (anybody that doesn't live near a Wegman's is really missing out - it's such a great store!) Anyhoo....I bought a whole bunch of stuff that my book recommended, to get me healthy. Wow - it brought back memories from when I used to get all hepped up after my weight watcher's meetings and hit the grocery store to stock up. Only this time - it was strangely different. I wasn't buying "diet" stuff as in all the glitzy lo-cal, no-fat, buy this it'll make you skinny crapola. I was filling my cart with a whole bunch of natural, non-processed foods. I was getting a healthy high just looking at the contents of my cart! I smugly walked feeling like such a good girl!

And I began to notice something. There were certain aisles that I didn't even go down. Like the cookie aisle, the snack aisle, the pop aisle (yeah, we say "pop" in these parts - not "soda") and the part of the frozen food section that houses all the really bad stuff - like fried chicken...mozzarella sticks....pocket sandwiches.... I noticed the people dropping those items in their carts. Most of them were ...ahem...a tad overweight. Wow - light bulb going off here (!) but then, I already knew that.

I noticed something else. The people in the fresh food section (not the ones tossing a bunch of bananas in their carts and moving along) but the ones who were lingering, and filling their carts up with all kinds of healthy fare - well, they looked healthy! (and were a tad bit thinner than their counterparts.)

Long story short - I stocked up my cupboards with a week's worth of foods and plan to venture out on a new way of eating. There really wasn't much to buy that was out of the ordinary. Most of it was fresh fruits & veggies, a variety of different nuts and lots of whole wheat stuff. The only thing I bought that I never had before was fresh ginger root.

I'm anxious to try some new recipes which will be real interesting on the home front as my hubby is a GREAT cook and lives to emulate Emeril . He likes to do the cooking. Sounds like a dream, huh? But he doesn't get home from work till at least 8:00 most nights and we don't often eat much before 9:oo at which time I dash off to bed. So my habit was to "snack" until he got home and inadvertently eat the equivalent of two dinners every night. And I've got the hips to prove it!

My late husband (who died much too young) was a meat & potatoes man. Put it on the table at 5:00 and he was happy as can be. Hubby number 2 would balk at a simple meal. Everything is an ordeal when he cooks. (but it always taste so friggin' good!) And hence - since we wed 3 years ago - I've out on 25 pounds! On top of the 25 or 30 I put on during my stay-at-home mommy years. Yeesh!

So........I'm telling him straight up - this is what I'm making.....I'll save some for you when you get home or you can cook for yourself. He'll be supportive. He knows how badly I want to lose weight (and he's seen pictures of me in my younger years - he wants to meet that woman!)

I'll post some of the recipes and let you know how things go. Now I've got to get back to that book!