Monday, May 28, 2007

A Taste of Summer....

Summer has officially begun in our neck of the woods! Memorial Day Weekend heralds the start of an all too short season in Upstate New York. Ahhh...but what a way to start the show!

The weather was awesome and it felt so-oo good to be at the lake! There's something magical about cottages. It's like they freeze frame moments in time and re-play them for you over and over again each time you arrive. That musty smell...that captures every summer you've ever been there. The feel of the worn sheets on lumpy beds. The momento's of last summer that you forgot about.....the driftwood that floated up on shore after that one storm...the hydrangeas you picked last fall to dry in a vase. And all I have to do is pop in my Benny Goodman CD and I'm back to a time when the girls were young...first hubby was still alive...and dreams of the future were plentiful and almost plausible.

Now - I'm older. The girls are older. The dreams are older. And yet...the cottage is still the same. It waits for us each year. It doesn't care if the dreams have changed or we've changed. All that matters is that we're all there again.

It was so good to be there this weekend. It was so hard to leave.

And in spite of all the pull of past summers....I did okay with my eating. Sure there were times when I felt like I should fix up a tray of something and bring it out on the dock along with a pitcherful of some frozen concoction to help us hang on... but instead I grabbed a handful of nuts and turned up Benny Goodman.

Was I perfect this weekend? Absolutely not! Did I blow it? Not on your life! I made small changes that I will practice as the summer unfolds. And yes... I had bacon one morning. And I ate some of those chocolate chip cookies my middle daughter made. And I even had some macaroni salad. But I controlled my portions....kept myself moving....and feel pretty good right now.

Except for one thing. I wish I was there and not here!

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