Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Have a Hole!

Well yesterday was an exciting day! And not just because I reached my first 10 pound goal or that my pants are feeling looser either... Yesterday we officially started our new addition. There's a prologue to this story that bears mentioning.

As most of you know, I lost my first husband to cancer and re-married several years ago. New hubby was a bachelor for over 20 years and lived in an itsy bitsy house that Realtors like to describe cunningly as a "bungalow". It's actually smaller than your average one bedroom apartment. We're talking micro-small here! But it rests peacefully on 4 magnificent acres that he has sculpted into a beautiful park. Really! It's like a park. There is a large pavilion that holds 6 picnic tables, an outdoor kitchen area with a freezer, microwave, sink and fridge, an outhouse with two rooms - one for the guys complete with sink, flush toilet and urinal, and another connecting for the gals - also complete with sink, flush toilet and shower. And then there's the 2 story water slide he & his dad built. There are trails and gardens and it's just wonderful!

But we don't live there.

He moved to my house (10 minutes away) when we got married. Because I had the kids (3 girls) and the bigger house. (He never had any children). We've maintained 2 houses for three years with the dream of adding on to his (obviously because of the wonderful yard). So finally, after 3 years of sketching our dreams on paper and watching them transform into blueprints, then contracts - we've begun! Yesterday they dug the hole for the basement. There is dirt everywhere ! But we don't care! We just stood there in our 24 x 26 x 12 feet deep hole, imagining where we would put the furniture when the first floor is built and reveling in the fact that after 3 long years- it was finally happening! We called family members from our cell phones and said "Come see our hole!" And they came, and we all stood in the hole and toasted our new dream together.

2007 seems to be the year of major changes and seeing dreams fulfilled. I'm excited!

And little Austin came through his ear "surgery" just fine. The Dr. said he's never seen such a good little boy. He actually smiled as they put the mask over his face to send him off into la-la land.

Things are good. Very, very good!


CactusFreek said...

Excellent! Good on you for your 10 pound loss! That's a real milestone isn't it?!
And good on you for getting your hole! [lol] You could use all that dirt to make a rock garden and pond area. Or maybe a hidden outdoor room that looks like a hill from the outside. But it looks like a crater on the inside. Or you could make a bike track for the kids, with jumps etc. Gee the ideas are endless really! :o)
And good on your son for being such a brave boy! :o)

CactusFreek said...

..Oops, i mean grandson :o)

CactusFreek said...

..and again!
In response to the fibre/wheat posts. You still have to watch those nutritional panels on the bread.
I started using a super brown/grainy bread that had sunflower seeds in it as well. I didn't think it could get any healthier as bread goes. Then one day i noticed that it was 7 grams of fat per slice [why didn't i notice THAT before??] I was so shocked, i wrote to the company and asked how they justified that amount of fat in an advertised health bread. And i was told it's mostly saturated fat. But i don't think it said that on the packet if i remember rightly. And that's still not good enough. 7 grams of fat, gee!

Lora said...

Yikes! I jus ran to th kitchen and checked my labels. Whew! I'm okay. Only 2.5 grams. I think if the product is 100% whole wheat - the fat is low. (and it's the saturated & transfats that are the culprits) but if it's "fake" whole wheat - then the fat is much higher. But you're so very right. In this age of deceptive advertising we really have to read the fine print! (Did you know "lite" on the label can often just refer to the COLOR?

CactusFreek said...

Yea, they suck! I check everything now.