Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Check Out "Hungry Girl"

Last night was fun at my girlfriend's house. She looks great minus her 25 pounds! She has 25 more to go. She told me her goal was "50 by 50". hmmm....sounds strangely familiar - that was my goal too! We dined a a homemade veggie pizza made on a wholewheat crust and noshed on a few carrot sticks and scoop type chips with salsa while it was baking. I came home feeling satisfied and full - yet not guilty because I ate well (as in healthy!) I even managed to get a walk in before I went. Only 30 minutes -but better than nothing!

One thing my friend is doing different than me is she's into buying all the specialty low-fat diet type foods. Not bad on the surface - but it's expensive and it's something that usually falls by the wayside. Don't get me wrong - there are certain things that work for me - like the fat-free mayo. I honestly can't tell the difference so why not use it! But the diet bread...the individually packed 100 calorie snacks....a waste of money in my opinion. Her 100 calorie cookie serving pack....well, there's a ton of cookies out there - if you just eat 2 - you've had 100 calories and saved a bundle on the diet gimmicky thing. But I didn't tell her that. Whatever she's doing - it's working for her and I'm happy for her. My "vast" knowledge of the tricks of the trade comes from years of dieting. This is her first time!

She e-mailedme a pretty neat web-site this morning. It's called Hungry Girl and I like it! It's not a blog per say - but a cool site that answers lots of dieting questions and gives you tips for the long haul. You can subscribe and receive it daily. kiddos will be entering the classroom en masse in a few moments. So I'll sign off now. And by the way - I'm STILL journaling faithfully and eating much better! Thanks Carmen!


CactusFreek said...

Now if you had of checked out the links on my blog, you'd have found that link long ago :oP
You better have a look. You never know what you'll find :o)

Lora said...

I've only checked out one of your blogs and didn't see it. I'll be sure to check the others. At least we both found it!

Terri said...

Ok I found the posting! And here's my comment about the 100 calorie gimmicks:
2 cookies, almost any kind of store bought are 3 points. That means they're more than 100 calories which equate to 2 or even 1 point as in the Hostess Cupcakes, which are great! I tried to equivilate regular cookies in the beginning, but the fat content is lower in the 100 calorie packages. I know they cost more, but then they become a treat, so I don't eat them as often as I would regular cookies. I have the same box of 100 calorie packs in the cupboard from the summer! It forces me to find healthier alternatives, like fruit which is more filling and better for you. And then I forget about the cookies (usually!)
These "gimmicks" were a huge help in getting me to change my eating habits without feeling deprived, as well as achieving Lifetime membership, losing and maintaining a total of 45 lbs! And, since I eventually have eaten less of these "gimmicks", economically it evens out. And I've seen women at the meetings when I weighed in, buying boxes of the WW snacks EACH WEEK! Now that's an expensive gimmick!!