Friday, May 18, 2007

Makin' Changes!

I'm on a roll here (and I'm not talking about my stomach!) I started going over the recommendations on my "real-age" report and already I've made several positive changes that were relatively painless! I stopped by Wegman's on my way home from work and perused the vitamin aisle. According to Dr. Oz, I need to take a multi-vitamin, 400 IU of folic acid, 700 mcg of folic acid and 1200 mg of vitamin c each day. It set me back about$20. I used to drop that much in a week at the Golden Arches! So I didn't care too much.

I also realized by looking at my journal, that I tend to monge on the way home with whatever I have available in my book bag. Lately it's been rice cakes (not so bad) but other times it's been candy bars or fattening chocolate pretzel mix. If I don't have anything on hand - I tend to want to visit a drive-thru.... So, on the advice of Carmen , in one of her earlier posts - I'm going to stash some good-for-me foods in the car that I can eat when the munchies hit on that 25 mile commute home.

Last night I kept reading more in my wonderful book by Dr. Oz and am amazed at how little I really knew about our digestive systems. As I learn more I'm better able to understand what triggers my appetite - how to subdue it with the right foods - and why I should not starve myself.

As soon as I got home last night I donned my sneakers and some loose clothing and took to the street. I walked for 35 minutes at a brisk pace and felt great when I was done! I could record once again in my journal that I did it!

I'm shooting to up my daily water intake (I've always know that was good for me) but *sigh* was pretty lax on making it happen. I'm highlighting the water intake in blue. So let's see....I've got yellow for my fruits & for my "bad for you foods" ....and blue for the H2O. With all the colors it's easy to leaf through the journal and see how I'm doing. I'm a visual person. Think it's the Art Teacher in me?

Well, the weekend looms ahead and with it - eating challenges of course. The weather is supposed to be less than lovely but I plan to get outside and FINALLY get the yard spruced up. I'm still gonna' walk and watch what I eat. I'm going shopping tomorrow to re-stock the fridge & pantry with user-friendly foods. Tonight we're grilling wild salmon with dill, with a side of rice and something green from the "supermarket" garden.

Happy Friday!