Thursday, May 17, 2007

I want Healthy!

I've noticed something lately since I began journaling. And it's not just that I'm more aware about what I eat - but also about what I don't eat! I have been pretty darn bad about getting in my fruits and veggies for a long time. It's become almost as much about eating healthy now, as it has about losing weight.

I'm concerned as I crest this proverbial hill in my life (you know...the one that picks up speed at an amazing rate once we get to the top?) Heart disease runs in my family as well as cancer. Both are intricately connected to your diet. I want to live a long, healthy, active life! (can anyone say midlife crisis could possibly be rearing its ugly head?) So for me, the term "diet" has taken on a whole new meaning. I'm not looking at it as a temporary fix anymore. It's got to be a way of life.

So anyway.....the other day I was watching Oprah and this Dr. Oz was on. Ever head of him? He had all this cool information about our bodies and how they work. I was impressed. Then while surfing the Internet I came across the book You - On A Diet . And Guess who co-authored it? Yep. Dr. Oz. Next thing I know, I'm shopping at K-Mart for some black yarn for my weaving students and I see the book! So of course I buy it. And it's AWESOME! He's humorous and speaks in terms you can understand. And it's packed with tons of info about our bodies that really sheds some light on this whole dieting issue. I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about dieting and my body but I was wrong.

Anyway - the story gets better. If you haven't already clicked on the link above - do so after you finish here. I found this incredibly awesome website by Dr. Oz that is chock full of information. You can answer a questionnaire and get a detailed report about your current health status in terms of "real age" which when all is said and done - is the age your body is at right now - health wise - which doesn't always match up to what your birthdays tell you.

I was in for an eye-opener! I'm currently 49.0 years old. In "real-age" I'm 61.9! Yikes! So the site pops out this 13 page report (and it's all free!) that tells me what I need to do to make myself healthier and get back to my actual age. Some of the things are easy. Like take a multi-vitamin. Others are common sense - like don't talk on my cell-phone while driving. Most are bout what I eat and how little I exercise. Some are really crazy ( like...get a dog.) I guess pets are proven stress relievers.

Anyway - all told - this site is truly amazing and it will be a great accompaniment to the book. I have reached a new milestone. I want HEALTHY!! Yes, I still want to weigh less. But that will end up being a perk when I get myself back on track. I used to be the active one. The cheerleader. The one in the athletic clubs in school. The one who backpacked with my kids and climbed mountains in the Adirondacks and even some in the Rockies and the one who took week long canoe trips in the Algonquin wilderness (and that last item was not that long ago - like in 2000!) So - I want to be that person again. Before it's too late. And it's not too late. I'm only 49 for gosh sakes! (That may seem old to some of my younger blog pals. But it's not. ) You'll all be there before you know it.

So - check out the website. Let me know what you think! (But for the record - I am NOT getting a dog.)

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