Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Truth Revealed.... I did my 3 days of brutally, honest journaling about what I ate. Without the aid of a calorie counter - I "ball parked" my intake. I think I was pretty accurate but I plan to double check tonight by actually looking up everything. Here's what I managed to stuff in my pie hole in the last 3 days... Monday: 2,398 calories. Tuesday: 2,455 calories and Wednesday: 1760 calories. That's a grand total of 7,484 calories. At 15oo per day (which is do-able) I should've consumed 4,500. I over shot that by 2,984! Yikes! No wonder I'm at a standoff with the scale!

I don't know what Carmen will have to say about all this. But I'm betting she has some good advice.

Now as far as the food groups...let's see. In three days I ate one fruit, and six veggies (and I'm pushing it here on the in potato salad, vegetable soup, some peppers & onions on my sausage and some peas. Dairy/ 3 days I got in 3 cups of milk, some cheese slices, some hot dogs, polish sausage, chicken (fried of course) some turkey and hmmm... I guess that's it. Okay - grains. I ate 5 rolls, 4 slices of bread, 2 waffles, 2 servings of cereal, stuffing & 14 crackers. Now let's talk the junk! (as if there isn't enough junk in the above items already!) French fries, peanut m&m's (a WHOLE jumbo bag over 3 days), chicken tenders, chicken sandwich from Wendy's, a candy bar, several glasses of beer...need I go on?

I eat like crap! Granted - I gave myself free rein to not do any dieting these past 3 days. But I didn't eat anymore than I normally always did. So I guess I know where the 50 pounds came from. I can't even imagine the trans fats in all of that garbage! Truly! The only non-processed natural food I ate in 3 days was an apple, a serving of peas and some vegetable soup. Gheesh!

All of a sudden it's not just about the weight anymore. Heart disease runs in my family. And my cholesterol is borderline. So what the heck am I doing to myself?

Healthy choices, Lora! I NEED to learn to make HEALTHY CHOICES!


CactusFreek said...

Hi there! How are you doing?
You are right, that food list is pretty crappy! What exercise did you do? I don't think you said...did you?
How's your water?
I eat a lot of dried fruit, and i know that's bad coz it's really sugary. Bit i eat it as snacks, and i figure it's got to be better than eating lollies!
Exercise is my sore point. If i exercised properly everything would just be peachy! lol

Lora said...

I didn't do any exercise (bad me- that's my sore point also!) I used to be good about water - carrying around a big bottle with me all day as I taught. I need to get into that again. At least with your dried fruit you're atually eating fruit! I'm not too good about that either...