Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Good and the Bad....

Two things yesterday on different spectrums.

The bad thing is - I didn't walk yesterday. The good thing is - it bothers me. A lot. I started an evening class last night that will meet twice a week for all of next month. So when I got home from school yesterday (as the teacher) it was about 3:45. I had to leave at 4:15 in order to get to my next school (as the student). I just couldn't fathom trying to walk (in the heat) in the brief 30 minutes I had between coming and going. And it would be too late (as in dark) when I got home (9:30).

So all the way to my class I obsessed. There was no way I was going to NOT walk for 2 days a week all month and break my momentum (especially when I read on my real age tip for the day that skipping walking was like skipping sleeping!) How was I going to do this?

Then - BINGO! The teacher tells us that she would like to start class at 5:00 from now on. Which means if I bug out of school at the end of the day I can make it home by 3:15 - be done walking by 4:00 and have time for a quick shower and be back out the door by 4:30.'ll be tight. But it's only 8 nights. And I've come so far!

I guess what's really making me giddy about all of this is that I was upset about not being able to walk. There was a time (not all that long ago) that I'd have welcomed any excuse NOT to walk. Like my socks were the wrong color or my favorie commercial was on TV.... So perhaps this is one of those "life-style" changes I've been waiting for that's finally becoming ingrained.

On a sour note - I went to bed late last night. I stopped by the other homestead to admire progress on our "hole". The gravel is in and the foundation blocks are starting to go up. I didn't get to bed until almost 11:30. And I woke up at 4:00 and couldn't fall back asleep. So no walking AND no sleep yesterday. I'm dragging today. Big time!

I need a salad!

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***CCC*** said...

Isn't it amazing when you discover you're upset about missing exercise?

I had to miss a regular workout this week for a work meeting and I was so bummed...

So bummed I ended up exercising at 10 p.m. when we were done.

The old me would never have done that!

All hail changes!!! Good luck with your class--and your walking!