Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Food Journals - How Unique!

I visited one of my favorite blogs - The Elff Diet a few days ago and decided to take her "Monday Mission". It wasn't anything new or unique - not something none of us hasn't heard a thousand times before....but since she put a different slant on it - by reducing it to only 3 days - I decided to give it a shot. The mission? To write down every single bit of food and liquid that crossed my lips for the next 3 days. As a 3X Weight Watcher alumnus - I've done the food journals before. Countless times. (The keyword here being countless because that's what I'd do - count LESS - than I actually ate! You see, in my warped way of thinking (which is quite common for us fatties) was that if I didn't write it down - then I didn't really eat it! Denial is a big factor for us chubalubs.

So this time I decided to go for broke. No one was going to be reading it and judging me - except me. So I started scribbling everything I ate or drank. I still have 7 1/2 hours to go before my 3 days is officially up. And let me tell you - I've eaten a lot! Perhaps I gave myself license to...because she said to be brutally honest and eat like a normal day. And while I AM trying to cut down and have been somewhat successful - the weight tracker at the top of my page tells me that maybe I haven't been all that honest with myself. So far, this whole experience has been a real eye opener! Carmen (the author of the blog) says she'll tell us Thursday what we need to do with this list. (I'll croak is she says show it to someone!) The point of all this is - really, truly writing EVERYTHING down probably IS the key to making a change. Just like they've been telling us all along. Duh!

Tonight before I go to bed I'm tallying everything up as best as I can. Not just calories, but also in food groups - as she know....fruits, veggies, proteins, grains.... Yikes, I'm scared to do this! But just maybe I'll see that with just a few small changes to start, I can get a handle on this whole thing called eating.

I'll let 'cha know.

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carmen said...

Heh. I won't make you show it to anyone, I promise.