Friday, May 25, 2007

Off to the Lake!

I'm heading off to the lake today to spend the next 3 days focusing on some serious R&R. My youngest daughter and her hubby have been there to open things up for us already so it will be a blissful turn-key arrival....lawn mowed, deck furniture out, boat in the water and ready to go, fridge stocked with staples, and heck - they even planted some flowers!

Exercise will not be a challenge this weekend. I love to walk around the lake and granted - many times I stop to chat with fellow cottagers who have just arrived for the season too - but I take SO many walks while I'm there that I know I'll get way more than my daily quota in.

Food, on the other hand will be a challenge. What's Memorial Day without the traditional hot dogs, burgers and macaroni salads? But I'm vowing to at least give it my best shot. I'm bringing lots of fruit & veggies and I've planned some alternative meals ideas that I hope my kids will "appreciate". Of course I can't be sure of what they'll bring (they've been blessed with being thin and able to eat about anything) so there may be some slips.

This is the deal though. I'm going to allow myself to not be perfect. I tend to be an "all or nothing" sort. As in - "Oh crap, I ate a cookie...I've blown it...might as well scrap this day & start again tomorrow..." Anybody out there like that? (I can hear the collective nodding of heads!) So I''m going to focus on the positive changes I've made. The extra good for you foods that I've incorporated into my diet (which in turn keep me from filling up on the not so good foods). Yes, maybe...probably...okay - I'm going to eat a burger. It's Memorial Day Weekend for gosh sakes! But instead of the mac salad one daughter is bringing, I'm grilling up some fresh veggies. And I'm bringing some nuts and dried cranberries to munch on if I get famished. I'll eat more than I have been the past week - but on the same token - I'll eat far less than I usually do. So it won't be a wash. If I can keep that mindset - I won't give in and give up.

So here's to long walks around the lake in the cool of the evening....lazy afternoons on the dock with a good book....laughter around the campfire with good friends who have been hiding all winter....the smell of pines.....the warmth of the sun....ooooh I can't wait!

So I'm checking off until Monday night. Y'all have a great holiday weekend and remember - it's all in the mindset. Focus on what you're doing right and you can't go wrong!


Kari Sullivan said...

Enjoy your time at the lake. Don't obsess too much over the food.

Peace out!

CactusFreek said...

Memorial day, what is that for? Is it for remembering the soldiers who died in the war?
Have fun at the lake. It sounds divine!
Fill up on veges before you eat anything else :o)

Lora said...

Thanks Kari - I tried not to obsess too much. Wasn't perfect but don't feel defeated either!

And Sharon - memorial Day is to remember the soldiers that served our country. Used to be when I was a little girl - there was actually a moment of silence on the airwaives where all of the USA collectively paused and reflected....not so now. Unfortunately it's just become another long weekend.