Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Year Olds and Ear Plugs!

So after the Doctor put the tubes in my grandson's ears, he gave us these waxy type ear plug things and said to use them when he takes a bath. (Grandson and oldest daughter live with us....) Up until now we've been doing sponge baths because we've been a little confused on the whole issue of the ear plugs. But it was time to wash that mop! Sounds like a simple feat - but hardly so. Last night we tried.

The instructions say to roll the wax wads into a ball. Okay. Did that. The finished spheres were each about the size of a grape. Then they say to gently put them in the ear - but not actually in the ear. Do not insert into ear canal. Mold to ear and use outside. Huh?

So we molded and tried to just make them "sit" in the ear. Right! Then we attempted to make them go in the ear hole just a tad so they'd hold. Nope. We spent the greater portion of the bath fishing around in the water for the fallen ear plugs. We'd dry 'em off and try again. All the while trying to tell this two year old bundle of energy who just loves his bath - to sit still and not splash.

Yeah. So I finally figured out that whoever invented the damn things never actually tried them out to see if they'd work. So we tried to wash his hair without getting his ears wet. All the while I'm thinking "And HOW long do we have to do this?"

There's got to be a better way. Have any of you ever had to contend with this dilemma?

And on the diet front - did my walk....attempted some push-ups (girlie style) and did well with my eating! The scale is sitting firm at 175 but my clothes are feeling looser so I think we've got some muscle going on here.

I rolled up some deli turkey and lettuce in a whole wheat pita for lunch today. Added a slice of Swiss cheese just because I love cheese and I've been depriving myself. It's the whole good food vs. bad food mindset I'm fighting. It's all about moderation.

Now...does wrestling with a two year old in the bathtub count as any kind of exercise?


Kari Sullivan said...

In my VERY limited experience, when it comes to earplugs and two-year olds, the earplugs are always for ME!

Peace out!

Lora said...

You have a valid point! LOL