Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Fiber-ful!

This fiber thing works! We're always told to eat more fiber - but I for one, always ignored that recommendation. I remember on Weight Watchers, there was a section where you tracked your fiber in addition to the other food categories. Ha! The way I figured, if I was going to have to divvy up my precious points, it wasn't gonna' be on fiber! Like, I wasn't going to go out of my way to include it. If it happened to be in my Weight Watcher's Frozen Eclair, then great. If not - oh well.....

But reading up on how important it is, not only in the digestive process itself, but in other areas got me thinking. It lowers cholesterol, decreases the risk of cancer and heart attacks and makes us feel fuller sooner (and longer) as in - we eat less! All of those things are important to me.

So last night I made a veggie pizza. I started with a 100% whole wheat crust, added some tomato sauce, topped it with some stir fry veggies that I sauteed first in cooking spray and topped it with some part- skim mozzarella cheese. The recipe also called for some sun-dried tomato bits and some olive tapenade. (Unfortunately my tapenade had gone bad and I didn't have the sun-dried tomatoes). But it was good just the same. I baked it till the cheese melted and it was just right! I ate 2 slices and I was full throughout the rest of the evening! Really! I was going to treat myself to some fruit before bed but I was still full!

There's a difference between feeling "fiber" full and just plain stuffed full. It's a different feeling. A good feeling! So this morning I made a bowl of oatmeal and threw in a handful of blueberries I 'd picked and frozen this summer from the bushes at the edge of our property. I have to say...I missed the sugar. But I pretended I was on one of those survivor shows and that it was all I had to eat and I gobbled it down. It was really quite satisfying. I'm curious to see if my tummy's rumbling at lunch time today.

I also packed a snack recipe I gleaned from the book . 1/2 cup cheerios, 1/4 cup dried cranberries and 1/4 almonds. I tried it yesterday and it was awesome! And the amount was just right! I've got a pre-made baggie-ful in my car for the ride home. I've also got a stash of grapes in case I do get hungry this morning. The interesting thing about this new way of eating is that I feel like I'm eating so much. I know...I've heard people say that before but I never believed them. But I swear - it's true! Eating lots of fiber (found not only in whole wheat items but fruits & veggies as well, really fills you up. And Dr. Oz says that you should always feel somewhat "full" throughout the day and not to let yourself get that gnawing hungry feeling. ( Because that's when we tend to go overboard and binge.) I always equated that hungry sensation with success. You know...if you feel like you're starving then you must be doing something right. Wrong! That just means your blood sugar level has taken a dive and you're setting yourself up for some major overeating.

You want to know what else? I slept great last night. No night sweats, no tossing and turning, just peaceful slumber. (Until the alarm went off at 5 am....)

Oh and by the way - I saved the rest of the veggie pizza for hubby and he loved it!

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