Monday, February 26, 2007

Where Did My Skinny Clothes Go?

I did something different this time regarding my diverse wardrobe. I threw away my skinny clothes. Now how does that make sense? Well...admit it. Most all yo-yo dieters have a wardrobe that comes in three sizes - not like the McDonalds variety (small, medium or large) but something like that.
You know, the ones you keep just for that infamous day when you finally lose all the weight and look like you did 20 years ago. Nevermind that the clothes are also 20 years out of date. Then there's the wardrobe that you wear when you're in-between, fat enough that you should be on a diet...but not inspired enough to actually go on one. And then there's the supersized deal. You know, the ones we actually call our "FAT Clothes." And even when we've dieted and gotten back down to that mid-sized area, we still hang on to the Fat Clothes because well, we could need them again someday.
Now it's when the FAT CLOTHES get too tight, that we usually decide it's time to go an yet another diet and at least get back into those in-between clothes! Somehow when we get back into them, we feel better. Never better enough to keep going to the skinny clothes. Complacency sets in and the in-between clothes will do just fine for now, thank you very much.
So why did I toss all me skinny clothes? Well, it's sort of a Murphy's Law type thing. Lately I've been downsizing my lving space in preparation for a future move and it seems that whenever I toss something that I haven't used in like - forever - don't I find my self needing it again! So I'm thinking, okay - I'll toss the skinny duds and if Murphy's Law kicks in like it should, I'll be needing them again!

And maybe it's because this time, I really mean it about losing the weight. And when I do, I'm going to treat myself to a new wardrobe. How exciting would it be to get down to where I was 20 years ago, and then have to wear what I wore 20 years ago? But I'm keeping the little black dress. LBD's are timeles. That's my focal point. It stares at me everday. And it wants me to win this battle!

So today I do my upperbody and cardio. Yesterday was Sunday - a day of rest. Although I did do a lot of walking outside in the snow. We invited some friends over and made a fire and cooked sausages outside and ran the snowmobiles around the back yard for a while. (It's a big back yard....) It felt good to move around. I've noticed a difference in just this short span of time. I want to feel better as much as I want to look better. And that's a good thing, don't you think?

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