Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Hate My Body!

Well...let me take that back. I don't really hate my body. My body is an intricately awesome creation of God that defies explanation. It can think and feel and touch and smell and and taste (that one gets me into trouble) and do all sorts of marvelous things!! It's the SHAPE of my body that I hate!

I'm a pear! I've always been a pear. And from what I've read on the subject - I'll always be a pear. Why me? Why couldn't I be something less...bottom heavy? They say it's healthier than being an apple. Why did God make us women to look like fruit anyway? I know...I have to make peace with the fact that I will always have "hips" no matter what weight I get down to. And I guess if they're smaller hips than they are right now (read: LOTS smaller) I will be happy.

The really sad thing right now though is - since I put on the last 15 pounds (the ones that brought me to my current blubbery weight) I look more like a fruit bowl. Like my bottom is a pear and my middle is an apple and my arms are bananas and my thighs look like I have grapes stuffed under my skin. *sigh*

I have this idea though. Perhaps, just perhaps my body is rebelling because I don't eat enough fruit. I've never been a fruit person. So maybe if I eat more of it I'll look less like it! Hmmm....I could be onto something here.

Which brings me to my latest weekly challenge for myself. I will eat at least one piece of fruit per day. In its natural form.

On a lighter note - I really DO feel better now that I'm exercising! Think I'll go have an orange.

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