Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Hate My Scale!

I hate my bathroom scale. Because it lies. Not because it says I weigh too much. I hate it because it doesn't tell the whole story.
It doesn't tell that when I have a 3 pound gain in one day it's because it's that time of the month and I'm retaining water. It doesn't tell that when I have a 3 pound loss in one day it's because all I've lost is water. It doesn't tell that even though I may be losing fat - I'm gaining muscle.

All it tells me is that my overall disposition for the day rides on those three little red numbers that flash in my face each morning as I stand buck naked on it in the shivering cold, before I've started a fire in the wood stove and before I've had my first sip of hot coffee (but always after I've peed of course.) Every ounce counts. Or does it?
Why do I care so much about about the numbers on the scale? Do I need them to tell me I'm fat and my black dress pants (circa FAT WARDROBE) are now officially uncomfortable? I know that without stepping on it. On the same token do I need it to tell me that the good food choices I've made the past few days are having an effect? That some of my fat is indeed melting? I know that without stepping on it too. When I can zip up those same black dress pants with ease and have room to spare. And yet ~ I will still dutifully climb on every morning to see how well I'm doing.

The thing is - I know how well I'm doing! I know if I exercised or not. I know if I overate. I guess it's that tangible proof we need that makes it so important. We want something we can see, something we can record to show us that yes, we are making progress. So I'm keeping the scale. But I'm not hinging my success on it. I'll record what I've lost. Just to keep myself going. But the real measurement of success won't be when I reach that magical 135. I may never. It will be when I can slip into that little black dress. It will be when I look into the mirror and see a healthy, natural glow on my cheeks instead of a puffy, pasty old woman. It will be when I can bounce down the stairs with my grandson in my arms and not pant. It will be when I can honestly say to myself or anyone else who asks....I've never felt better!

So hear this scale! For now you can stay. But keep your yap shut because you don't hold as much weight around here as you use to! (pun intended!)

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