Sunday, February 18, 2007

So Here I am ~ Day One!

They say that two of the most successful tools a person can use to acheive weight loss are: keeping a journal and enlisting a buddy. So I'm thinking, why not? I'll start a blog to record my journey and maybe pick up some "buddies" along the way that are willing to come along for the ride! I have decided that THIS time - above ALL other times - that I am going to do it! I'm going to make some lifestyle changes and get in shape!

I turn 50 in June of this year. The proverbial mid-life crisis has reared its ugly head and I really want to crest that "hill" feeling good about myself. And frankly - right now I feel rather frumpy. I wasn't always this way. I was a cheerleader in highschool and my 5'4" frame carried around 118 pounds quite nicely, thank you very much. But something happened along the way. Three kids, a sedentary lifestyle, quitting smoking, enjoying food just a little too much! My poor little frame is now lugging around 185 lbs. My knees don't like back doesn't like it....I'm fairly sure my husband doesn't like it....and I KNOW I don't like it! So, I'm going to do it. You, my dear readers will be my accountability partners.

I'm hoping you stumbled across this blog because you too, want to embark on a weight loss journey with someone else. So...will you ride shotgun with me? I will be scathingly honest about my efforts. (When I belonged to Weight Watchers I had a very creative technique about entering things in my food journal. I didn't.) Yeah, I know. I lied. Unfortunately the scale didn't.

I'll tell you about all the things I tried in the past that worked. And all the things that didn't. And more importantly I'll share with you what I'm doing this time that's different. I'll even post pictures (postcards if you will) of me along the way. I won't be showing my face though. I'll be that guy Wilson on Home Improvement - the one who always hides his face behind the fence. Because, well - I'm just too embarrassed about the way I look right now and God forbid some old schoolmate from high school shuold stumble upon this blog. I'd be forever mortified! But I will show my face as I near my goal.

SO let's go!

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MissXXL said...

I love the little pictures you post with your pages!

And I sooo know what you mean about hating the scale!