Sunday, February 25, 2007

This ain't gonna' be easy...

I didn't do so good yesterday. I didn't eat a whole turkey, but I did give in to some temptations. After turning down the donut, things started sliding. But like always - I tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive, so let me tell you both sides.
I did eat a healthy lunch. A tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread with some carrot sticks. (I actually like carrot sticks - well, I wouldn't pick them out in a crowd, but they satisfy the need to crunch so they make me not miss the chips so much.) So because I ate a healthy lunch and skipped that donut earlier....I figured I deserved 3 oreos for dessert. And an orange.
Around 3:30 I was feeding my grandson a grilled cheese sandwich and made one for myself. Then I was looking for something in the cabinet in my living room and found the box of Ferraro Rochers my hubby gave me for Valentine's Day. Mind you they'd been in there for 17 days and only ONE was missing! I hid them when I got them so I wouldn't be tempted. So since only one was gone - I figured I deserved to indulge. I ate one. Then I flipped the box over to see the calorie content. 130 calories in a serving. A serving was considerd three. So of course I ate two more to make it a full serving. (I'm really dumb sometimes...) Later that evening we went to my brother's and orderd a pizza. I only had 3 small squares. And a couple crackers... and a few chips dipped in guacamole.... and a brownie....
But I did do the cardio workout (only 15 minutes) but better than nothing. And yes, I did dance in my family room. To the music from a Wiggles tape. My grandson likes them.
I'm not giving up! Maybe I did eat more than I should - but not as much as I would have normally! And I did do my strength training and my cardio. Baby steps.....little bitty baby steps. They'll get me where I want to go.....if I just keep taking them.

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