Saturday, February 24, 2007

Making the first hurdle,,,,

I managed to make my first real hurdle this morning - which is always the hardest, I think. As long as we lose our first real battle with temptation, it's easy to keep postponing the dreaded diet. You know, the "I messed up I guess I'll start tomorrow." Of course I'm not on a "diet" per say. Just managing what I eat and trying to eat healthier. So my dear hubby brought some donuts home and I didn't have one. Wanted to! Instead I ate an english muffin with some peanut butter and half a banana. And I feel satisfied.
I keep telling myself that my goal here is not only to get in shape, but to give my skin a healthy glow, make my hair shine, put a bounce in my step. When I think of it that way - it's easier to stay on track. Yesterday I did my lower body strength training session and the day before I did the upper. I feel good. A little sore but..well...tighter. And I like that. I know, it's only been a few days but I really do feel different.
I haven't ventured into the cardio yet. I gave my treadmill to my middle daughter when she got married. She always used it. Every day. I did every 6 weeks or so. So maybe I'll turn on some music and just dance. Won't THAT be a sight! Anyway - I'm focusing on baby steps. Little changes that when put together eventually will make big changes.
So the donut is behind me. And I survived. I'm also down one pound. But the scale isn't too important to me right now. It's that elusive black dress hanging in my closet that's keeping me going!

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