Tuesday, June 12, 2007

School's Almost Over!

Yesterday was the last day of classes for our students. From here on in, they show up if the have a exam scheduled - but I officially have no more students ! It's bittersweet though. There are some I will really miss. Others...well. Let's just say TGIS! (Thank God it's summer!)

Anyway...I passed a big hurdle yesterday! Because it was the last day of classes the kids wanted a party. Since I teach 5 classes each day - that was 5 parties! So I brought donut holes and some of the kids brought cupcakes. Normally I would've eaten several during each class, and quite a few more in between classes (when no one was looking!) But I didn't eat nary a one! And at the end of the day - when there was still half a box left - I left hem on the table with a note to the janitor that read, "Help Yourself!" Thankfully he did and they were gone this morning with a "thank you" note scrawled on a piece of paper.

Now it's not that I think donut holes are evil. But I know that there are certain foods I probably should just pass on when I know there are unlimited quantities. This was one of those times. When I think of how easily I could've (would've) polished off a dozen on my own not so long ago -without a second passing thought - well, it's no wonder I'm fat!

Now before I get to polishing my halo too much - I have been not so good in the exercise department. Not for lack of desire - but time! In 2 weeks - when school is officially over for us teachers as well - I'll have no excuses. And that's a good thing because I really do want to walk every single day. (Except Sundays...we really do need that day of rest!)

And now today will host yet another challenge. The Art Department is going out for their traditional end of the year department meeting (which really means lunch at a nearby restaurant). Of course I'll go. And it will be so very, very hard not to order something yummy - as in something greasy with a side of fries. I'm the type of person who has always suspended my diet when I'm at a restaurant - special occasion and all.... But I'm going to vow to be good today. Either something off the weight watcher side bar - or some kind of salad. Oh it will be so hard when I see those chicken fingers, or juicy burgers, or steak bombers.... I know I said I've been craving healthy lately - and I have! But in the face of all those temptations.....Lord give me strength!

But for now I sit in a quiet classroom that needs purging of a year's worth of crap with a stack of final exams that need to be graded and recorded. I'll have a lot of time on my hands here the next two weeks...I only have to proctor 3 other exams and finish grades for report cards. I'll enjoy catching up my favorite blogs and being able to dig deeper into their archives. I may even post more than once a day here too - if I get too bored.


CactusFreek said...

Good on you for staying away from the holes [that looks weird lol]
How long is the school break for? And what do you have planned for the break?

Lora said...

Break is from end of June to beginning of September. We'll probably just keep plugging away at th new addittion and maybe take a few weekends to go to the cottage. It's winter for you now isn't it?