Saturday, June 23, 2007

The First Night of Summer....

Last night I packed up my grandson and a picnic supper and we headed over to the other house. Hubby was just finishing up work on his last machine so grand baby & I took a walk to the pond and checked out the status of the tadpoles. They're getting mighty big! Hubby says they'll be bullfrogs soon enough.

It was so much fun to watch the wonder in his little 2 1/2 year old eyes as he squatted down for a closer look. Hubby soon joined us and we took a ride on the golf cart to the back swamp area. The water there is completely covered by a thin layer of lime green algae. There were hundreds of snaking lines throughout the surface that told where the turtles had been...and where they were going. Just before we turned to go , we spotted a mama wood duck with her little brood following close behind. At least all the duckies didn't get eaten by whatever lurks in the woods....

The baby giggled out loud as we rode around, pointing at everything he saw - trying out new words and storing all this info that he would someday take for granted and never recall when it was that he learned it for the first time.

We came back to the outdoor kitchen area and hubby lit the grill while I got our dinner ready. A healthy tomato and fresh basil salad, grilled chicken thighs and brown rice. It was a yummy meal and hit the spot just right on a cool summer evening such as last night was. We got a campfire going to take the chill off and turned on a mellow jazz station. Hubby hit the switch for the tiki lights we have strung around the pavilion and we just sat there relaxing and remarking how summer has only yet- just begun!

The crickets and bullfrogs started their chorus at dusk and this being right around one of the longest days of the year - it was a little later than usual. And then it happened! Every year I forget until I first spy them. The fire flies! We have them by the thousands in our woods and sometimes I swear they put on a better display than you'll find on the 4th of July! They start out just one here and then one there until pretty soon they're blinking their secret codes to one another in a sparkling symphony of lights!

We bundled grand baby up and headed out to the edge of the woods. There we parked and just watched the show. He was as equally delighted as his grandparents were! Clapping and squealing as he repeated "fur fy! - fur fy!" It was a later night than usual for him, but hey! We're the grandparents. We can do that!

So this post had nothing really to do with food or dieting or anything else. But on the tail of yesterday's blog - there was some stress relieving relaxation going on!

Ah summer....bring it on!

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