Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Need A U-Turn - Real Quick!

Have you noticed I haven't written much lately about how great I'm doing with my diet and exercise? Probably because I'm not! I seem to be in a funk. It's so darn hot (in the 90's and humid as heck) that I can't bring myself to go out for a walk. And I seem to want to graze all day long. It was so much easier in school. I had planned breaks and if I got hungry it wasn't like I could grab a bag of chips in the middle of a lesson on contour drawing and start stuffing my face. The healthy lunch I prepared in the morning while my reserve was still good was all I had come the noon hour.

My will power just seems to be waning. This morning my daughter and I took my car for an oil change and inspection. A truly bonding experience. The car now has fresh oil but it failed the inspection. I leave for the lake Saturday. The current inspection expires that same day. *sigh* So I say to daughter dear, let's stop at Bill Gray for a bite to eat - which translates into burgers, fries and onion rings washed down with diet Pepsi's. Aren't we just wonderful girls getting diet soft drinks...excuse us while we polish our halos. The car still needs to pass inspection but darn if don't feel better now. Not!

So after eating all that crap of course we both feel guilty. And now I really, really, really need to get back on track here! I don't think I ever fully recovered from the scale fiasco. And I'm nervous about my week at the lake. There is no Internet there which means no daily support from my fellow bloggers and their words of wisdom.

Not to mention my crazy neighbor who harasses us 24/7 down there. He is totally loco and can get my blood boiling in 2 seconds flat. He sprays pesticides on our well, sawed off part of our stairs last year, put water in the boat motor, turns on the propane valve on our gas grill when we're gone, parks his car in front of ours to block us in....oh crap! don't get me started! I could go on and on about him and his jerky wife. We were friends while first hubby was alive. When I eventually remarried he decided he didn't like hubby #2 and the saga began. Hubby #2 is very likable - and if truth be known - hubby #1 hated our jerk of a neighbor.

The local police can't do anything because we can't catch him red- handed. They want us to install cameras. Not an expense we're prepared to take right now. So....I'm heading down there for some R&R mixed with a little BS on the side. And I know how I get when somethings' eating at me. I get to eating myself!

As if all that isn't enough....I turn on the radio yesterday and this man is preaching from the bible about forgiveness and how we need to turn the other cheek and continue loving our enemies even as they continue to persecute us. I hate it when I get convicted like that! I know that I should "kill him with kindness." I'd rather just kill him. (not really...!) but I'm not quite ready to pass him an olive branch just yet.


Lauren said...

You can do it. Check this out before you leave. Inspired me, actually made me cry. Watch the trailer under the media button. www.inspiredthemovie.com

Lora said...

Thanks, Lauren! Is this a movie..a TV show? Has it aired yet? I gotta' see it!

Christine said...

Your neighbor sounds just whacko! I have only heard about people like this on TV-didn't think they actually existed!?! You might have to start playing dirty! (that's the way I work, ha!) Sorry to hear about your "funk" - hope things get better soon.

***CCC*** said...

Keep on plugging. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and plow through the patch. And I firmly believe that when it rains, it pours. I know my last week at work before vacation was so filled with potholes and pitfalls I was ready to scream bloody murder.

You can get through this!!!!