Monday, June 4, 2007

The Great Arm Challenge!

I pulled out the little black dress yesterday and held it up to myself. I realized as I was gazing at my dream reflection in the mirror (the one where I'm actually wearing it) that even though I'll fit into it when I drop the weight - I'm gonna' need to do something about those arms! You see, it's not just sleeveless, it 's actually a spaghetti strap type thingy which bares shoulders as well.

I want buff arms! And I know they're not all that hard to get. If I work at it. Quite a few years ago I belonged to a health club and used these resistance machines several times a week. It didn't take long before my upper arms started to get some real definition to them. SO yesterday I dusted off the weights again and did some reps. I'm still working on the push-ups too. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do one of those suckers the real way (as in not using my knees) but I'm going to make that a mini-goal. Perhaps when there's not so much weight to hoist off the ground I'll be able to pull it off.

Right now I don't like to wear tank tops. It's not a pleasant sight when your arms are still waving goodbye long after you have. Giving my upper body some form and definition will help balance out the *ahem* lower half which has always been my nemesis. Back in the 80's - when big shoulder pads were the rage - I was loving it!
I've noticed that's a goal for a lot of us....being able to wear sleeveless tops. I've added a pic my arms to my progress pics. Knowing that you'll all be watching my progress will give me the motivation I need to keep at it. I'm going to call it "The Great arm Challenge." Anybody want to join me?


Christine said...

I am scared of my turkey arms as well. My mother and grandmother told me that I am stuck with them for life, ha. That black dress is going to be amazing!

Lora said...

Don't you worry Christine! You're not stuck with them! Start lifting some weights and see what happens! (Muscle burns more calories than fat too!)