Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hot or Cold?

The weather here has been as unpredictable as a rat in a maze. Last week it was so hot and humid that the rugs in the house were damp. Last night it was so cold around dinner time that hubby and I stood huddling in our almost now finished basement - shivering like it was November! Today the sky is dark and ominous and it's still pretty cold (was only 44 degrees when I left the house this morning) and now they're telling us on the radio that the mercury is supposed to it 90 degrees tomorrow! What gives? Do I store my winter clothes or not? Can I take out the summer clothes for good?

You know, sometimes that's how my dieting efforts go. Hot and cold. One day I'm on fire to succeed and make it work and others I'm just kind of lukewarm - lazafaire. Thankfully those days are getting fewer and fewer. I think the real turning point for me has been to not look at this as an all or nothing. Sometimes I'm gonna' slip. Sometimes I'm going to just say the heck with it and go get an ice cream with my grandson. But the key has been - and is - to look a those moments as life. Because realistically - that IS life!

Whenever I've looked at a diet plan that said I can never ever eat another donut - or to say goodbye to pizza forever - I've failed before I'd even begun. I remember being at Weight Watchers one time and the leader told us how she just automatically threw the bun away when she ordered a hamburger. Was she for real? I think that's the day I stopped losing and finally quit. I was trying to live up to impossible standards. We can't let our eating become an oddity. And we can't lump foods into evil vs non-evil. Lfe goes on and we just have to enjoy it. (but not too much!)

My friend the Cactus Freak posted a good blog today about taking note how skinny people think and eat. And it was right on. (Check her out - she's awesome!) If you look at a skinny person - they don't deny themselves. They don't group foods into categories. They simply eat when they're hungry and stop when they're not.

So as long as we keep on getting up when we slip - and and don't turn the skips into a slide - we'll do okay. I know it's been working for me!


Christine said...

Great blog today. Thanks for that. I had my biggest slip out yet yesterday - and I woke up this morning and started off on the right foot. I'm over it - I felt like crap yesterday for letting myself fall so hard, but I can't let it bother me that much. It's just not worth it. Hope it warms up for you!

Lora said...

Good for you, Christine! That's the key - to get back up again. Three steps forward - one step back still gets us where we want to go!