Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bring on the Harvest!

I've noticed something interesting since I've upped the ante on my fruits and veggies. I'm actually starting to crave them. Over junk food. Who'dda thunk?

Maybe we set ourselves up for cravings. Like whatever our bodies get used to - they want more. Because believe me - I've never been a fruit eater. Not that I don't like fruit. It's just always been so...well...boring. And in my warped way of thinking - why waste calories on fruit when you can spend them on something better...like french fries...or Big Macs...or chocolate chip cookies? See how we deceive ourselves?

But since I decided that my goal wasn't just to lose fat but to also become fit - I knew I needed to start giving my body some better fuel. And to my amazement - it likes this new fuel! It's sort of like when you try to run an engine on old gas (my hubby's a mechanic so this is a logical analogy for me). It sputters. It stalls. Sometimes it takes a long time to start. But give it good fuel and it purrs like a kitten. It starts on a dime and keeps on running.

And I truly have noticed that I'm feeling better. The other day I bounded down the stairs (yes! I actually bounded!) And all of a sudden it hit me that I wasn't going slowly, I wasn't getting winded and I wasn't as creaky as usual. Things just seemed to work better.

At first it was an effort to eat that fruit. I started slowly like putting some berries on my oatmeal or stashing an apple in my bag for an afternoon snack or tossing some dried cranberries in with some cheerios and nuts to munch on during my commute home from work. Then I started cutting up fresh fruit to nosh on when I felt hungry. Now I automatically reach for fruit if I need a boost and try to include it with breakfast everyday.

And the veggies - well I've always loved veggies! But not as a snack. Always as an accompaniment to some over sized dinner. But I've been making a point to stuff some lettuce and tomatoes on every sandwich, and I keep a big pre-made container of salad in the fridge for snacks. And I actually enjoy salad for lunch now! I make it interesting. I'll crumble up some farmer's cheese or toss in a handful of walnuts or sliced almonds. I cut up as many different kinds of veggies as I can think of to give it texture. I'm a cruncher. I need to work my jaws when I eat. I also have become a big fan fresh garden veggies on the grill. I'll slice up some zucchini, green pepper, red onion, broccoli and throw in some whole mushrooms. I toss them around in a little bit of olive oil and fresh garlic and cook them in my handy grilling pan. I make a LOT so that the next few days I can heat them up and wrap them up in a whole wheat tortilla. Good for a meal OR a snack!

Sooo.....I guess it's really true that your body becomes accustomed to the foods we feed it - and craves them - good or bad. I'm looking forward to summer with its abundance of fresh veggies and fruits. I plan on making frequent stops at the local Farmer's Market and am glad hubby got out there in Spring and planted some things of our own.

Now....I'm off to lunch. There's a salad in the staff lounge calling my name!


***CCC*** said...

Isn't it amazing???

I completely agree with you--when you're eating junk, that's what your body craves.

When you start giving it healthy food, that's what it starts to want. (And heaven help you if you give it too much junk. You may end up sick to your stomach!)

I haven't quite embraced all the fruits and veggies I should, but I'm making progress and posts like yours help...

They are yummy and tasty!

Christine said...

Yes its true. I look forward to my fruit in the morning. Its my sugar rush. I do the berries and oatmeal thing in the morning too :)