Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yesterday a fellow blogger ~ Lauren , sent me a link to a very cool website. It's the homepage for a new movie that has not yet been released called Inspired . People...this is a movie made for us! I'm not sure how Lauren heard about it but I am SO grateful she shared it with me! Go visit the website and navigate around. I haven't been able to view all pages yet but I plan to before I leave for the lake Saturday!

From what I can gather, the movie deals with the struggles and triumphs of people embarking a the journey of weight loss. I've always been inspired by the TV shows that chronicle the successful journey of fellow dieters - but squeezing so much into so little time always leaves me wanting more! So much is left out when you try to fit a person's life neatly into an hour-long segment plus commercial breaks. This movie will be different. (I hope).

If anyone knows when the release date will be, please share it here so we can all be watching for it.

Now I'm off to Mom-in-laws for dinner and a family meeting. She and dad-in-law will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in August and when we mentioned a party she poo-pooed the idea and said they have something else in mind. We're suppose to bring our calendars with possible vacation dates. Hmmm.....could be interesting. I'll let 'cha know tomorrow what transpires!

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Christine said...

I will keep my ears and eyes open - thanks for sharing!!