Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words!

Every now and then there is a picture we come across that makes us take a step back and face the music. As in...OMG is that really me??

I came across one such picture today as I was going through an old photo box. It was taken 4 years ago on a cruise that I went on with my sisters, sister-in-law, daughters and nieces. My first husband had passed away about 6 months prior to that and we all felt like we needed to do this. Just have some girlie bonding time to do whatever the heck we wanted.

I knew I was overweight but didn't care. (I even wore a swimsuit!) And I felt kinda' good all week. Until the photos came back. And as I've reiterated before - pictures don't lie. Since this shot was taken I've cut my hair shorter and dropped 10 pounds. I still have a long way to go! But it's pictures like this that keep me motivated. You know how sometimes you get into the groove, drop a little weight and start to feel over-confident. You think....hey, I'm looking okay right now...why don't I just park here - at this weight and be content. That's when you need to take out a picture like this one. Because in all honesty - I actually thought I looked good that week! What the heck was I on?

Oh! And before you think I had the jump on Brtittany Spears with the cootchie flashing - I did have panties on. What you're seeing is a roll of thigh fat! UGHH!

Anyhoo...I'm on the far right. My little sister Susie is in the middle (she's 11 years younger) and sister Mary (2 years younger) is on the left. I'm definately the most rotund of the lot. But not for long!


Christine said...

Ohhh I have lots of those pictures kicking around...and I am wearing undies in all of them too! Take care!

CactusFreek said...

You don't look fat or even a tad chunky to me in that pic!
You look like a happy woman who's confident in herself. :o)

I have photos like that. I get shocked and develop renewed viger. But the more i look at them, the less they effect me :o(

Lora said...

Thanks....but if you'd seen me by the pool you'd have said otherwise!