Saturday, June 30, 2007

Off To The Lake!

It's 10 minutes and counting until "bug-out time" - the official moniker my kids used for departure time when we'd head off for the lake.

Everything's packed (I think). The weather report looks good.....son-in-law has purchased the necessary explosives required for Wednesday - as in fireworks for the 4th of July! it's always a spectacle on the lake and because this year the 4th falls mid-week, there'll be fireworks on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

I'm so looking forward to closing the door here on this house and kicking back for 8 days. Because hubby won't be joining me until next Friday - I can plan meals at my leisure and eat grilled veggies every night if I want and not feel the need to make a big breakfast each morning. I plan on taking grandbaby on many walks around the lake.

There is a scale there to keep me at least focused somewhat.

As for Mr. ImAnAss....if he pulls any of his crapola I'm in a fighting back mood. And I have the number to the county sheriff on my fridge. If only this could be the weekend they nail him! Last summer they got him for indecent exposure - mooning boaters. I'm telling you - they guy is certifiably whacko. And mean.

So anyhoo - I'm signing off until next Sunday or Monday. No internet. No TV. Just the wonderful aroma of the pines....the sound of the water lapping the shore.....the loons signing their songs in the evening.....oh yeah - almost forgot what holiday this is! The constant baboom! of bottle rockets and cherry bombs throughout the day for those that can't wait till it gets dark. but that's okay. Wouldn't be the 4th without it!

Have a great week! Eat well. Move much. Have fun!


Christine said...

Have a great holiday! In Canada we are really excited about tomorrow (July 1st) our forecast is looking good too. Have a blast and take care!

CactusFreek said...

Happy 4th of July! Isn't that when the alien ships hover over the major cities? lol